Just a few hours after I explained on Jihad Watch what was wrong with Michael Totten’s pro-Albanian-supremacist post on Commentary magazine’s website, the following item was posted on the site. It concerns an article that came out in the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle last week on the one-year anniversary of the Ft. Dix arrests of four Albanians, the significance of which becomes clear if you notice that the woman’s name is Albanian. Introductory comment by JW director Robert Spencer:

She says she’s just being singled out because she is a Muslim. And I’m sure that’s true. I’m sure there are plenty of 911 operators illegally searching the terror watch list, and they’re getting off scot-free. It’s Islamophobia, I tell you, and I’m not going to take it anymore!

Ex-911 operator accused of illegal database searches“, May 8:

A former city 911 operator faces multiple felony counts for illegally searching state driving records and state police databases that included the FBI’s terrorist watch list, officials said Wednesday.

The fired employee, Nadire P. Zenelaj, 32, of Rochester insists she did nothing wrong and is being singled out because she is Muslim.

“I feel they targeted me because of my religion,” said Zenelaj, who worked at the 911 center for nearly six years. “I have no criminal history. I have never gone against the law.”

Richard Vega, director of the city’s Office of Public Integrity, said Zenelaj was “running personal information on herself, on her family and on friends. I think it went beyond curiosity. … We think she was accessing this information to pass it on to others.”

What the above paragraph means is that she was checking on whether the names of fellow Albanians appear on any criminal or terrorist watch lists yet. Perhaps friends and relatives asked for this information, perhaps not. Either way, this behavior fits the context of the Albanian red flag that my Jihad Watch piece tried to raise, and what I was correcting Michael Totten about. After all, if anyone should be far removed from any such activity, it’s a young Albanian woman born and raised in America, as Zenelaj was. Furthermore, imagine how different the scene in Greater Albania would be if the U.S., NATO and UN started cracking down on crime and actually enforced laws in and around Kosovo; if instead of turning a blind eye to the weapons going into Macedonia and Serbia proper, they were confiscated. Imagine if Albanians were held accountable for the people they kill and brutalize — and one by one the Albanians’ KLA heroes ended up in jail. How pro-American would Albanians be then? How quickly would Albanian terror against Serbs, Macedonians, Montenegrins and other locals turn into terror against the U.S.? (For a clue, count the number of UN vehicles blown up in Kosovo over the past nine years.) But no one is enforcing any laws in or near Kosovo, so there is very little anti-American sentiment or activity that we hear of.

Even here, imagine if instead of treating gun smuggler and law breaker Florin Krasniqi as a friend of the U.S. and giving him a pass on his criminal activities and fundraising for the KLA — which operates here with impunity — how pro-American would he be then? All of a sudden you would hear from Albanians, as you do from Zenelaj, that they are being discriminated against as Muslims, and the crutch of jihad would start to loom larger in Albanian life.

At least one of the 227 names that Zenelaj searched for was on the terrorist watch list, according to police. She was fired in December, arrested Tuesday and pleaded not guilty Wednesday to misdemeanor official misconduct and 232 felony counts of computer trespass — one for each allegedly illegal search.

The databases, according to the city, include “highly sensitive” confidential information, such as outstanding arrest warrants and restricted law enforcement records…Vega said the investigation of Zenelaj was triggered after an employee saw something that looked suspicious and went to a supervisor. The police complaint states that all or most of the allegedly illegal searches occurred on Jan. 2, 2006, and on Oct. 26, 2007. Zenelaj did not have the ability to add to or delete information from the records, Vega said.

She was fired in December for various violations regarding unauthorized access of computer information and violations of the City of Rochester Ethical Standards of Conduct. Since then, local authorities have been working with state officials to build a criminal case, Vega said. No additional arrests or charges are expected.

Vega said misconduct was the sole reason for Zenelaj’s termination. He added that the city even went back through training materials and records to try to find any support for Zenelaj’s claims [in her defense]. However, anyone who went through the training signed a document agreeing not to search personal information, he said.

Trainees also had to take a test, which included a question that specifically addressed the prohibition against personal searches. “She got that question right,” Vega said.

Zenelaj was sent home on pre-trial release Wednesday, and is due to return to City Court at 9:30 a.m. May 21.

Corroborating her national origin — naturally avoided in the article above — was this local news site, which mentions that Zenelaj is of Albanian descent and born in NY City.

Now we just have to ask why, if Albanians are not defined by their religion — and they’re not– an Albanian would play the Muslim victim card. Answer: They learn quickly.

Now let’s ponder the irony of Muslims working for 911.