Full report by author Miranda Vickers here.

Key Points (From page 2):

* Historically Albanians have practised a traditional, tolerant form of Sunni and Bektashi Islam. Now a third more radical interpretation of Islam is gradually being introduced by young Albanians who have studied abroad in Islamic countries.

* This has the potential to undermine the current delicate balance of inter-faith and inter-religious co-existence in Albania’s multi-faith society.

* There is strong demand from within the Albanian Muslim Community to have an Islamic university in Albania. This will enable young people to study Koranic theology in their homeland and not in foreign institutions.

* Albania’s strong tradition of religious tolerance is widely recognised. However, it should be remembered that historically this was not always the case, when foreign influences endeavoured to intensify regional and sectarian differences. Today, Albania is still vulnerable from such influences.

* Given the known radical Islamic activity in some of Albania’s near neighbours, there should be closer monitoring of religious activity in Albania’s more remote border communities.

Hmm, what “near neighbors” bordering Albania could she be talking about with this radical Islamic activity going on?