From a source with access to a list of translated articles from the region:

“Pacolli To Sue Carla Del Ponte”, in Albanian, 20 Apr 08:

The leader of the New Kosova Alliance (AKR) has initiated a juridical procedure against the book of Carla Del Ponte requesting to prevent this book from being sold and distributed. Pacolli has requested to withdraw this book from the market because this book offers a lot of misinformation and inventions.

The Swiss media, which cited Pacolli, stated that this book insults the feelings of Albanians, the morality of the UCK war, and that Carla Del Ponte through this book has tried to smear the justice war of the Kosova population.

Pacolli stated that Del Ponte in her book has attacked the morality and feelings of UCK, by treating them as war criminals and traffickers of human organs.

“She has also insulted the families of martyrs and war invalids, who gave everything for the freedom of their country and tried to defend the innocent population of Kosova, while the Serbian machinery forced the Albanians to leave Kosova, reads the newspaper “Corrierre del Ticino,” by commenting on the statements of Pacolli.

Recently, Pacolli has dedicated all his time to the possibility of withdrawing the book from the market. He has engaged two offices of international lawyers to review all the legal possibilities to prevent the distribution of this book and send Del Ponte in front of justice to give explanations for the baseless accusations. During an interview for Swiss TV, Pacolli promised to use every legal way to allow justice to triumph.

Of course, in Kosovo justice is silencing dissent any way you can — as Albanians themselves know, or Albanian witnesses wouldn’t have fought tooth and nail to avoid testifying against the American-backed war criminal Ramush Haradinaj, knowing what happens to those who don’t toe the KLA line (and to their families). Once enough witnesses were intimidated or killed and Haradinaj walked out a free man, he declared the verdict proof that the KLA’s war was a just one — as Pacolli repeats above.

Just a reminder of why Pacolli’s name might sound familiar: He is the Albanian mafia boss who was living in Switzerland and whose money paid for UN envoy Martti Ahtisaari to include independence in the final Kosovo status plan he drew up. There was also this from an August blog post: “And here’s the Kosovo billionaire/money launderer/heroin trader/aspiring politician involved in bribing UN’s Kosovo envoy Martti Ahtisaari to include Kosovo independence in his final-status proposal. Admittedly, he is pleading to get his kidnapped cousin released”:

“Shqipe Hebibi went to Afghanistan to help our brother people here,” Behgjet Pacolli said on a private Afghan televison channel. “Please release her. We are waiting every day.”

A videotape broadcast by Arab television station al Jazeera on Oct. 31 showed the distressed hostages answering questions from a captor whose face was hidden by a scarf. On the tape, Hebibi said she had thought she could help a country similar to her own. “I know the culture, I know the religion, and that’s why I thought I can help,” she said. “We are not related to America.”

It seems the aspiring politician has realized his dream, for he is now head of the New Kosova Alliance and successfully integrated into the U.S.-blessed Kosovo political killing machine.