From a Thursday report by Reuters: “Poland is trying to change the name of Auschwitz concentration camp to emphasize that Nazi Germans, not Poles, were responsible for the most murderous center of the Holocaust.

“The government has asked the United Nations to change the name of its World Heritage site from ‘Auschwitz Concentration Camp’ to ‘the Former Nazi German Concentration Camp of Auschwitz’….Warsaw is incensed by references in foreign media to the ‘Polish concentration camp’ and ‘Polish gas chambers.’”

This has caused a wave of objection from several Jewish groups, one of whom points out that “although the camp had been built and run by Nazi Germany, everyone in the area had known about its existence and workers were recruited from the Polish population in the neighboring village.” Additionally, there were Polish pogroms against surviving Jews returning to their homes, as well as Poles who would capture or kill Jews during the war itself. Poland, however, is outraged by accusations of Nazi complicity, considering that three million non-Jewish Poles were also killed and Warsaw was razed. Poles also point out that they “are the largest group awarded Israel’s Righteous Among the Nations title for helping to save Jews.”

This controversy stands in sharp contrast to the shrug that Croatia met when its president did something far more vile than renaming a former concentration camp for the sake of accuracy. No one said boo in 1991 when then President Franjo Tudjman “had all the buildings at Jasenovac–which had been preserved as a memorial…bulldozed to make way for a ‘rare bird sanctuary,’” according to Defense & Foreign Affairs Strategic Policy.

In fact, it’s interesting that no one seems to have ever even heard the name Jasenovac, considering that it was the third-most “productive” death camp of the Third Reich, where 750,000 Serbs and Jews were exterminated. Not to mention the fact that the Croatian role in WWII went well beyond “complicity,” Croatia being an official Nazi ally. The world’s ignorant indifference to all this certainly made it easier in the 90s to portray Nazism’s Serbian victims as the Nazis, and their Nazi-bred Croatian adversaries as the victims, enabling us to send our generals over to help Croatia reassert its Hitler-defined borders.