Two Arrested for Wearing T-Shirts that say “Kosovo is Serbia” (Translation courtesy of Mickey Bozinovich)

Gnjilane, May 31 2008 (Beta) - Brothers Miomir (24) and Milos (25) Stojanovic from Gnjilane have been arrested on a regional road Gnilane-Bujanovac because they wore T-shirts with the words “Kosovo is Serbia,” says today an official from the Ministry of Kosovo and Metohia, Milorad Todorovic.

He told the agency Beta that the youngsters were arrested two days ago on the area “White soil” and have been taken to the regional prosecutor in Gnjilane.

The judge told them that for wearing such T-shirts they each have to pay 250 euros or spend 60 days in jail.

“I had in my hands the sentence that is more than laughable and in which it is noted that the message on the T-shirt infringes on the public morals of the majority of the people in Kosovo, which means that wearing of a T-shirt that says “Kosovo is Serbia” is treated as a disturbance of public order and peace,” says Todorovic.

According to him, Albanians use this method to pressure Serbs, and are demonstrating how they will behave towards them once they enact their constitution on June 15.

Yesterday the brothers Miomir and Milos paid 500 euros in fines to the court in Gnjilane as well as court costs of 12 Euros.

At least the brothers seem to have gotten off on a more serious charge: In a Kosovo democracy, speaking Serbian carries the death penalty.

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