Police say 10,000 hens suffocate in Kosovo chicken farm during power outage

PRISTINA, Kosovo: Authorities in Kosovo say 10,000 hens suffocated in a chicken farm following a power outage.

Police say the birds were left airless when a night guard fell asleep and failed to turn on the backup generator when the power went out. The damage to the private business in Kosovo’s west is estimated at €50,000 (US$77,000). Most of the carcasses have been buried on instructions from health officials, while some are being checked Friday for possible health hazards.

Kosovo’s economy has struggled to recover since the end of the war between ethnic Albanians and Serbs in 1998-99, and power outages are a daily occurrence.

Ah, to be an animal in Kosovo. Almost as terrifying as to be a Serb in Kosovo. Just ask the dogs. Oh, never mind; there aren’t any left to ask.

America, you should be so proud. These people LOVE you! What a wonderful reflection on you is your new BFF (Best Friend Forever!). And what an expensive Best Friend Forever Kosova is turning out to be…forever. What a bitch!

Good thing that health officials have ordered the chicken carcasses buried (to join the canine and Serbian ones). We wouldn’t want any unhealthy barbarians running around.

Just a footnote on the dog-killing thing (incidentally, another quality that the non-Muslimy Albanians have in common with Muslimy Muslims). In a recent email exchange with Hiding Genocide in Kosovo author Iseult Henry, she informs me of the following when I ask about the dog in the photo above:

Like all the rest of the dogs there he was probably hunted down and killed. I remember in Kosovo in 1999 travelling from Pec to Pristina and our drivers used to knock down and kill dogs and think it was funny. I was horrified until I realised they were all Muslim and in that ideology they hate dogs. When I arrived in 1999 I was not sure who the good guys were, and we were and still are fed such propaganda.