Serb returnees leaving Dečani in fear

Three Serb returnees have left Dečani for fear of their safety, Kosovo media report, citing UNMIK sources.

It is claimed that the main reason for the Serbs’ departure is fear of Albanian protests. [Just a “claim”, you see! Nothing to fear from Albanians even on a good day, much less from Albanian rioters.]

Sources say that today’s demonstrations have been organized following UNMIK Chief Joachim Ruecker’s instructions to the Dečani municipal authorities to return land belonging to High Dečani monastery that was seized in 1999. [Recall that Decani is where Serbian monks sheltered Albanians along with Serbs during the war.]

The same source claims that a question mark now hangs over a project organized by the local authorities and potential returnees for the return of a large group of Serb families to the area.

Well don’t that put a monkey wrench into the narrative of a certain bright and bushy-tailed National Guard soldier/PR mouthpiece who cited such return projects as examples of the “progress” being made, as if such a thing is possible in an Albanian-controlled Kosovo.