On the website of Andy Wilcoxson, the only American to cover the Milosevic trial (which was billed as the “Second Nuremberg” and prosecuting supposedly the “biggest atrocity since World War II”), we have a report from a predominantly Muslim Sarajevo TV station.

Bosnian TV alleges Muslim official linked to 9/11 attacks
BBC Monitoring European. London: May 9, 2008.

Excerpt from report by Bosnia-Hercegovina Federation public TV, on 5 May

[Host Bakir Hadziomerovic] On last night’s [Bosnian] Federation Television prime-time news, it was reported that the OHR [Office of the High Representative] anti-corruption team was completing an extensive investigation against several individuals involved in economic crime, aiding war criminals and terrorist activities worldwide as well as individuals involved in the wide network of construction mafia. Based on reliable information, tonight we are revealing the names of the people whose illegal, criminal and terrorist activities have already been proven by the anti-corruption team.

According to exclusive confirmations [that we have received], the investigation conducted by OHR experts concerns Hasan Cengic, member of the SDA [Party of Democratic Action] Main Board and a person who during the aggression against our country was the master of the TWRA [Vienna-based Muslim charity suspected of helping smuggle arms into Bosnia and channelling funds to radical Islamists] donor chest. In addition to Cengic’s criminal undertakings involving donated funds worth several million, which “60 Minutes” has repeatedly reported on in detail, the anti-corruption team has allegedly come into possession of a document in which Hasan Cengic personally signed a money transfer intended for the Al-Qai’dah 9/11 terrorist attacks on New York and Washington.

According to reliable and confirmed information from diplomatic quarters, the anti-corruption team will soon submit all the gathered documentation proving brutal criminality as well as involvement in terrorist activities and in the hiding of war criminals to the B-H [Bosnia-Hercegovina] prosecutor’s office special department for organized crime, after which arrests and trials of those responsible will ensue.

So let’s understand what is happening here: While Western powers continue to deny that Bosnia and Kosovo have become terror havens, transit points, and bases of operations, some Bosnian Muslims themselves (and this isn’t the first time) are calling their government out (though most are still in a Western-encouraged denial). Similarly, while Western governments continue to inflate the true number of people killed during the Bosnian war — and want us to keep thinking the deaths were almost exclusively Muslim — something called The Bosnia Association (again, made up mostly of Muslims) is trying to get the real numbers and victims, even if they’re Serb and Christian. As to the Muslim report above calling the secessionist war THEY started an “aggression against [their] country,” we must be content with baby steps when it comes to dealing with the Middle East, even if it’s in Europe.

Moral of the story: It was OK with our government that the Bosnian embassy in Austria, which issued a passport to Osama bin Laden in 1992, was issuing passports to mujahedin streaming into Bosnia, but as to the no-brainer that while the Bosnian officials were doing this they were also funding and facilitating future attacks against the West, well don’t expect to hear any word from our government anytime soon. Last summer a U.S. official tried to broach the subject of Bosnia as a fundamentalist/terrorist breeding ground:

Al-Qa’idah has helpers in Bosnia, deputy peace envoy says (Excerpt from report by Bosnian Serb news agency SRNA)

Sarajevo, 18 August: Bosnia-Hercegovina [B-H] Principal Deputy High Representative Raffi Gregorian has underlined that Al-Qa’idah has its helpers in B-H who are ready to assist in hiding agents, giving financial assistance or false documents.

Gregorian said that over the past few years the international community has continuously pointed out the problem of the mujahidin presence in B-H, assessing that it was time for this issue to be resolved.

He emphasized that “foreign fighters” should have left B-H long ago, while some of them have been declared as a threat to the national security of B-H.

Asked whether “a few dozen dangerous” [persons] had links with Al-Qa’idah, Gregorian said that some of them did and that there “were people who fought in B-H who in some way were directly linked to Al-Qa’idah”.

“There are definite indications that some of those who were detected had links with Al-Qa’idah,” he said, adding that some intelligence agencies consider B-H as one of Al-Qa’idah’s transit points.

He confirmed that hundreds of people were granted B-H citizenship under suspicious circumstances or in an unlawful way…

Another report on this overdue and understated but apparently maverick admission by a member of U.S. officialdom:

U.S. diplomat warns of Al-Qaeda in Bosnia

Al-Qaeda uses Bosnia for transit, receiving help from Islamic veterans of the 1990s war, a U.S. diplomat says.

Bosnia came under the spotlight after the September 11, 2001 terror attacks on the United States due to the presence in the former Yugoslav republic of fighters from Islamic countries.

Hundreds of them joined the mainly Muslim Bosnian army during the country’s 1992-1995 war. Although they were ordered to leave under the terms of the peace deal, some stayed on after obtaining Bosnian citizenship.

“There were people who fought in Bosnia and who were, in a way, directly linked with al-Qaeda,” Gregorian said.

Bosnia recently revoked the citizenship of nearly 400 people, including a number of former Muslim fighters, due to irregularities in the process.

Six terror suspects of Arab origin linked to the al-Qaeda terror network were arrested in Bosnia and handed over to the U.S. authorities in 2002.

Briefly, the reaction from Bosnia’s “moderate” grand mufti, who is frequently feted all around the U.S. by synagogues, churches, universities, politicians and the State Department:

Bosnian Grand Mufti accuses OHR official of “spreading Islamophobia” (Text of report in English by Croatian news agency HINA)

The head of the Islamic community in Bosnia-Hercegovina, Mustafa Ceric, has said that in his country there are no persons who may be cooperating with Al-Qa’idah, and accused Deputy High Representative Raffi Gregorian of spreading Islamophobia with his claims that some persons of Afro-Asian origin who were granted Bosnian citizenship are probably linked with this terrorist group.

“It is a sin and immoral to link Bosnian Muslims with terrorist organizations,” Ceric said.

“Such statements give us grounds to fear that this is an introduction for the next act of genocide against our people,” Ceric told believers who gathered in the south-eastern town of Nevesinje for the ceremony of opening a reconstructed mosque.

In his strong-worded address, Ceric said that the same language had been used about Jews before the Holocaust was committed.

Gregorian dismissed claims from the Bosnian Serb media about thousands of possible Al-Qa’idah helpers in Bosnia as utter nonsense. Asked how many of those problematic persons there were in Bosnia, Gregorian answered “more than ten and less than a hundred”.

So…between 11 and 99? Well that’s a pretty small and tidy sum, and certainly not one over which to risk a diplomatic row by calling attention to it, as Gregorian has done. Chris Deliso’s The Coming Balkan Caliphate offers quite a different number:

The Dayton Agreement of July 1995, which ended the war in Bosnia and created a tripartite ethnic federation, stipulated that the former mujahedin leave at once. No doubt in expectation of such a decree, the Izetbegovic government had by then been busily supplying hundreds of mujahedin with Bosnian passports for some time, in an effort to remove the heroes of Bosnian liberation from the pool of “foreigners” expected to leave. While some mujahedin did go, between several hundred and one thousand stayed. Many married local women and began to raise families, creating bizarre pockets of Afghanistan-in-Europe in Sharia-run villages like Bocinja Donja, which had been ethnically cleansed of its Chrstian Serbian inhabitants by the mujahedin and handed over to them thereafter as a “reward” for their services.

Considering what the Wahhabis have proven capable of doing in the name of religion, it is understandable that the average Bosnian might find it wiser to keep quiet and avoid trouble. Yet even political leaders and mainstream Muslim clerics have been accused of showing excessive timidity. Vildana Selimbegovic, a Sarajevo news editor, decried how in Bosnia “politicians do not want to or are too afraid to talk. The majority of Muslims remain silent. It seems that they will remain silent until the devil claims his due.”

[I]n Sarajevo the Wahhabis have control of several mosques, including the city’s most central place of worship, the towering, Saudi-funded King Fahd Mosque. “Over the past five years, they have built very few new factories in Bosnia, but 1,000 new mosques have gone up,” says [terror expert Darko] Trifunovic. “It is not a revolution, but rather a silent transition.”

No doubt episodes like the following contributed to the problem of unaccounted-for mujahedin in Bosnia. Also from Deliso:

A rarely seen video taken in 1994 by the mujahedin themselves clearly shows blue-helmeted British soldiers relieving Bosnian Serb soldiers of foreign Islamists they had captured and releasing the delighted jihadis unscathed in the central Bosnian town of Travnik to cheers of “Allah Akbar!”

Then again, we can’t expect too much from Gregorian, who was of course part of the international Slav-killing machine of the 1990s, playing his role in the formation of the new, terror-harboring Bosnia that he now warns of.

Incidentally, here was the response by a Bosnian security agency: “Special Services, part of the State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA), has no information on anyone with ties to the terrorist organisation al-Qaeda living in the country, says the head of the anti-terrorism department in SIPA, Aner Hadzimahumutovic.”

No wonder this former terrorist is frustrated: “I will never understand Bosnia and the people that lead this country. I openly tell them that I am a terrorist and that I committed many crimes, but they are convincing me that I have not and that I am innocent…Al-Qaeda…[was] interested in creating a base that would allow them to increase their radius of operations….Some leaders of the Western World noticed that, but did nothing. ”

While terrorists are trying to tell us what they’re up to, the US, NATO, and EU still maintain that there are no terrorists in Bosnia. In February 2006, for example, Jim Jatras, former Senate Republican Foreign Policy Committee analyst and currently the director of the American Council for Kosovo, was told by Rosemary DiCarlo, Deputy Asst. Secretary of State for Europe, that Islamic radicalism doesn’t exist in Kosovo and that “we’re watching it closely.” Jatras and Kosovo Bishop Artemije had to suppress a simultaneous laughing fit.

Here again, some honest Bosnians are trying to prove what Western leaders still desperately try to deny:

A Bosnian TV station has broadcast part of an alleged new video apparently showing gruesome crimes perpetrated againt Bosnian Serbs by a unit of Muslim fighters during Bosnia’s 1992-1995 civil war.

The footage, broadcast by BN TV apparently shows the ‘El Mujahadid’ unit “sharpening axes” which they later allegedly used to behead a Bosnian Serb soldier.

The video also reportedly shows footage of the mujahadeen in playing football using a decapitated head instead of a ball, Serbian news agency Tanjug reported.

It contains chilling scenes showing mutilated corpses mujahadeen tying up and abuse prisoners of war. A mujahadeen is heard saying: “They call us terrorists. We are terrorists and we will destroy all the enemies of Allah.”

The El Mujahid was a unit consisting of fighters from Muslim countries, who, as they say on the tape, came to Bosnia to “fight for Allah.”

The unit was formed in 1993 and in that year became part of the Bosnian Muslim Army under the command of the War Council headed by Bosnia’s then-president Alija Izetbegovic, the video recounts.

The footage also shows Izetbegovic arriving at the mujahadeen camp and shows life inside it as the fighters training for war and worship. Women in strict Islamic dress are seen living in the camp, as well as children dressed in military wear, while one small girl is shown holding a pistol.

This tape was found by the Bosnian Serb entity’s Council of Concentration Camp Victims. Its president, Branislav Dukic, says that the footage was supplied by Bosnian Muslims.

Dukic said that even among Bosnia’s Muslims there are “those who wish to prove the presence of mujahadeen in Bosnia, and the war crimes they committed on the territory of central Bosnia.”

The unit, as is claimed at the end of the video, numbered some 1,000 fighters by the end of the war, including around 700 Bosnian Muslims, recruited during the course of the war, and 300 foreign warriors from Islamic countries.

Footage recently surfaced on the Internet of a farewell ceremony for the mujahadeen, featuring addresses given by the Muslim Army commander and war crimes indictee General Rasim Delic, and other senior army commander, Sakib Mahmuljin, B52 reported.

Additionally, if Gregorian is to be believed, one wonders what “Balkan al Qaeda franchise” this could be referring to:

Euro Police Convention Duped by Balkan Terror Threat (Jan. 13):

The 11th European Police Congress, to be held in Berlin on 29-30th January is the target of a Balkan Al Qaeda franchise.

In a programme note it is advised that one of the speakers, Dr Darko Trifunovic - a maverick young investigator from the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Security Studies - will not be able to attend due to “pressure and death threats” made against him by radical groups that are under his investigation. He has decided not to “expose himself and the congress to further danger.”

Dr Darko Trifunovic has been conducting research into the origins, ambitions and operating methods of what he calls “white Al Qaeda”, the home grown branch of the terrorist franchise organization in the various areas of the Balkans.

It first took foothold in Bosnia-Herzegovina after the Western powers in the 90’s saw the influx of Afghan war veterans into the territory as an easy way to support the Bosnian Muslims. Since the Dayton Peace Accord Iranians as well as Saudi Wahhabis have flooded the statelet with funds, over-sized mosques and subversive organizations, one of which has members throughout the Bosniak diaspora in Europe, Canada and the US…

Trifunovic has also found new links between Bosnia and the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and the London and Madrid train bombings. Specifically mentioned are Mohammed Atta, who coordinated the 9/11 outrage, and Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, Bosnian citizenship holder and war veteran, former Al Qaeda ‘Operations Chief’, who - according to Dr Darko Trifunovic - took over the leadership of the Al Qaeda media campaign (’the Committee’) during the planning of the 9/11. Atta’s place of residence was a Bosnian hamlet before launching off to Hamburg and the US for his fatal mission.

It’s worth revisiting the attempted October attack on the U.S. embassy in Vienna, which was hastily dismissed by American and European officials as having no relation to Islam or terrorism. After initially pointing to mental illness, to the attackers “acting alone” and there not being any link to al Qaeda, in one of the last follow-ups, media finally crept closer to describing the incident as a terrorist undertaking, stopping short at the “Islamist Wahhabi” stage but qualifying even that: “The Wahabi movement in Bosnia is relatively new and small in numbers…” —

Bosnia: Foiled attack on US embassy linked to Islamists

Sarajevo, 5 Oct. (AKI) - Two Bosnians arrested this week in connection with a foiled attack on the US embassy in Vienna are allegedly linked to a radical Islamist Wahabi movement, the Bosnian daily Nezavisne novine said on Friday.

Police on Monday arrested 42-year-old Bosnian, Asim Cejvanovic, when he entered the embassy grounds with a rucksack of explosives. It was later alleged that Cejvanovic was mentally ill and he was taken to a prison hospital.

During questioning, Cejvanovic told police he was told to carry the explosives to the embassy by another Bosnian, Mehmed Djudic, who was later arrested.

According to Vienna media reports, Djudic has been connected to Muhamed Porca, who heads the Vienna branch of the Bosnian Wahabi movement which preaches radical Islam.

Porca’s group, which is reportedly the main financier of the Wahabi movement in Bosnia, has been under police surveillance for some time, Vienna media reported.

Darko Trifunovic, a professor at Belgrade University’s faculty of security studies and terrorism expert, told Adnkronos International (AKI), Cejvanovic may have been used only to test security around the embassy, because no detonators were found in his possession.

“They have used a mentally deranged person in the hope that the whole thing would end there,” Trifunovic said. “But the real question is from whom did he get the explosives.”

The Wahabi movement in Bosnia is relatively new and small in numbers, but it has worried local Muslim authorities because of its violent behaviour and attempts to infiltrate local mosques.

Wahabi ideology was imported to Bosnia during the 1992-1995 civil war when thousands of mujahadeen from Islamic countries came to fight with local Muslims.

Many have remained in the country, indoctrinating local youths and even operating terrorist training camps, foreign intelligence reports said.

A terrorist/Islamist-laden Bosnia: just one of those many “alarmist myths” that have been attributed to “Serbian nationalist propaganda”. Good thing we keep putting those Serbs in their place.

NOTE: After repeated arm-twisting by the U.S., Bosnia last year finally started the slow, appeals-laden process of deporting some of the mujahedin.

Some relevant passages from The Coming Balkan Caliphate:

The plot against the pope’s funeral, after all, was only discovered thanks to Bosnian Serb intelligence services operating surreptitiously within the Muslim half of the Bosnian federation — an embarrassing indicator of the Sarajevo government’s inability, or unwillingness, to clean up its own backyard. Indeed, the continued resilience of terrorist-linked charities in Bosnia is indicative of this paralysis.

In late November 2006, politician Dzevad Galijasevic of the New Democratic Party for Bosnia and Hercegovina claimed that a former close ally and major figure in Alija Izetbegovic’s first independent Bosnian government, Haris Silajdzic, “was the organizer and sponsor of mujahedin coming into Bosnia.” Galijasevic revealed that the month before he had been attacked twice, prompting him to relocate his family to Croatia. Galijasevic had become hated by the Wahhabis back in 2000 when, as mayor of the Maglaj municipality, he ordered the removal of some 1,500 mujahedin who had occupied former Serbian Christian homes in Gornja Bocinja. The order was not carried out, and the mujahedin remained in the village that had been rewarded them by the Sarajevo government — their own private Afghanistan — as a spoil of war.

According to Galijasevic, his appearance in a televised panel discussion devoted to the future dangers of a Bosnian “white al Qaeda” on October 12, 2006, sparked renewed threats against him and robberies of his homes. What was most eye-popping about Galijasevic’s testimony, however, was his contention that well-known figures associated with the political and security apparatus, such as Siladzic and hard-liner Semsudin Mehmedovic, were nurturing the Wahhabis — and aiding foreign Islamic terrorist groups in Bosnia. In 1996, while police chief in Zenica, Mehmedovic was charged by the New York Times of “having sheltered foreign Islamic fundamentalist fighters, of crushing moderate Muslim political forces and of fostering hatred between Muslims and Croats. According to Galijasevic, Mehmedovic remains “the chief of al Qaeda in Bosnia,” while the “mentors” of the mujahedin were Silajdzic and another man, Irfan Ljevakovic, a former secret police chief and employee at the notorious Bosnian embassy in Vienna during the war working closely with bin Laden’s TWRA [Third World Relief Agency]. All of the men were from the inner circle of the late Alija Izetbegovic.

In making his argument for the active participation of government officials in supporting terrorists, Galijasevic added that “Bosnia & Hercegovina is a part of the system of international organized crime,” a country where “the recruitment of future mujahedin and terrorists is being carried out.” Specifically accusing the police structures of radical ties, Galijasevic maintained that “in Maglaj municipality there are around 30 police officers who were trained by the mujahedin. In Zenica-Doboj municipality there are 280 [such] police officers.” According to the politician, an Algerian who the United States had ordered to leave Gornja Bocinja and Bosnia in the spring of 1999 on terrorist suspicions, Abu El Mali, “was training all the members of Ministry of Internal from this canton. One of Abu El Mali’s ’students’ is Kasim Hasic, an assistant police commander.”

Just a drop more about Galijesevic, from United American Committee founder Jesse Petrilla’s article “My Trip to Kosovo and Bosnia“:

[A] former mayor of a Bosnian city, a non-religious and westernized man born into the Muslim faith by the name of Dzevad Galijasevic who is an activist against the Wahabi and fundamentalist indoctrination occurring in the region…Galijasevic told me from a Muslim perspective that he witnessed first hand the extremists during and after the war seizing every opportunity to pursue their jihadist goals of spreading radical Islam through this European region. He said that the current Islamic political leadership of Bosnia were the same people who during the war sent pleas to the Taliban and other Islamist regimes to send their best jihad fighters to Bosnia to fight the Christians. Now that the war is over and anyone brings up the fact of Islamic war crimes, these leaders use the excuse that it was just foreign fighters and not them, when in fact they were the ones who brought those foreign fighters to the land.

Lastly, some recent updates, from Balkans analyst Ioannis Michaletos:

…Vladimir Popilovski runs an al-Qaeda ratline of arms from Bosnia across Sava River into Croatia and henceforth to Europe and Kemal Alagic, Naser Panaslamovic and Omer Murselovic run the same thing on the western side of Bosnia. All of those were active during the Bosnia civil war between 1992 and 1995.

Kemal Alagic was mentioned in an ICTY [International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia] report, when a witness was asked around his role in village attacks and against Christian population[s]. Moreover, according to the HRI [Hellenic Resources Institute] news network, “The RS deputy minister of justice, Goran Neskovic, stated that “three Muslims accused of crimes against Srpska were released today at 15:00 hrs. We released them as a gesture of good will towards the international community and [Swedish foreign minister] Carl Bildt, although we could have accused them of war crimes. We fulfilled the agreement while the Muslims did not release the civilians arrested in Grbavica”, said Neskovic. In the presence of the deputy high representative, Michael Steiner, the following Muslims were released: Hasan Hrnadovic, Kemal Alagic and Enver Krasic, accused of “espionage, armed rebellion and participation in an enemy army”. The above took part in 1995, during the end of the war in Bosnia.

Continuing, Popilovski’s boss is Semsudin Mehmedovic, who is known as the major figure in Islamic religious nationalism in Bosnia and was in charge of police in the Zenica area in the mid-90’s.

According to Michael Sells citing Washington Post’s reports back in 1996 “The U.S. government, if it were serious about enforcing the Dayton accords, could simply ask its close friends in Kuwait and Riyadh to stop supporting extremist fundamentalist[s] like Mehmedovic who are trying to destroy the Dayton agreement and establish what would be an Islamic ghetto in the heart of Europe.”

Mehmedovic was a minister for police with the Bosnian Muslim government and was prosecuted for dealing with arms but let go. Mehmedovic was the man who signed off on marriage licenses for Jihad fighters who came to Bosnia and got married off with local Muslim women.

Boudel Haj and Hanouf Munir, still in Guantanamo, own Bosnian Muslim wives for which Mehmedovic signed off on.

Mehmedovic is member of OEBS, was a member of police reform committee that EU forced Serbs to sign, and is part of the Bosnian Muslim parliament.

And some progress, again via Michaletos, of the U.S.-based International Analyst Network:

…[T]he Bosnian intelligence service is about to upgrade considerably it’s (Anti) espionage capabilities abroad with a special focus in the Balkans, due to “Islamic terrorism”.

Already in March 2008 a group of 5 radical Wahhabbis were arrested near Sarajevo who had a large amount of armaments and were connected with extremist groups. In May 2008 another group of 10 people were arrested because of their connection with illegal arms contraband from Bosnia to Croatia and to Central Europe. Most of them were war veterans that fought with the Muslim federation in the mid-90’s and were also related with the Mujahedeens who ventured from the Middle East and North Africa. For the latter already 350 of those have been stripped of their Bosnian citizenship, although for most, their whereabouts are unknown, thus making them suitable for covert and subversive action…[C]ertain extremist circles in Bosnia are trying to regroup the “Patriotic League”, which was a Muslim paramilitary force during the Bosnian war and was also responsible for the transportation of Jihad fighters from the M. East. […]