Balkanization is the tool of the rats in the walls of our countries gnawing through the mortar [bit] by bit, knowing that undefended, even the mightiest structures must fall.

– from Israel e-news, February 20, 2008

Rats in the Walls:

British Man Stunned to Find a Dozen Illegal Immigrants Living in His Attic

Friday , June 13, 2008

A stunned British man looked in his attic — and found a colony of Kosovans living in the roof.

The 12 illegal immigrants were sitting on mattresses eating sandwiches.

Walls had been knocked down between Lee Bradley’s home and two adjoining properties to create a living space for several families, with an electric light dangling from the roof.

Bradley, 33, closed the hatch and dialed 911. Police raced to his rented house and scrambled the force helicopter — but by the time they arrived the loft dwellers had gone.

Bradley, wife Caroline, and their four kids had just moved into the $970-a-month terraced home in West Bromwich, West Midlands.

“I decided to have a look in the loft space and popped my head through the hatch,” Bradley said. “There was a light dangling from the roof and about a dozen people — men, women, and a baby who started to cry when she saw me. I was scared and shut the hatch straight away.”

Police believe the fiddlers in the roof got access through an adjoining house that had been sublet.

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