Just a small observation about the selective use of hyphens and multicultural adjectives preceding the word “American”: We’re used to seeing words like “Latino-Americans,” “Chinese Americans,” “African-Americans,” “Arab Americans” and so on, the ubiquitous bow to ethnic pride when the subject concerns entitlement, achievement, grievance or something neutral. But interestingly, the hyphens and/or descriptives disappear when the headlines read “Bush Administration Wiretapping Americans,” or “Israel Imprisons Americans,” as one Baltimore Sun article about Palestinian terrorists with American citizenship was titled. In other words, acting as usual against the interests of democracy, the media generally promote ethnic delineations. Except when it’s worse for democracy to ignore or suppress those ethnic delineations.

All of which gets me thinking about ethnic profiling. What’s so wrong with it? What happened to celebrating our diversity? We pay all this lip service to diversity, but as soon as there’s a practical benefit to it, we block it out. Diversity? What diversity? No diversity here! We’re all the same!

Why are we ignoring our diversity? Diversity is a beautiful thing. God made it just a little easier to catch criminals and terrorists, but we have to go and give it a bad name.