Berisha-Thaci: No merging between Kosovo and Albania

There will be no unification of Albania and Kosovo, said the prime ministers of the two countries Sali Berisha and Hashim Thaci.

“Albanians have never been so close and stabile like they are now,” Kosovo’s PM Thaci said, adding that he is against shifting of borders, but supports regional integration.

The two prime ministers said that they would not allow any partition of Kosovo, either on ethnic or territorial basis.

“Kosovo is an independent, sovereign and indivisible state. There will be no enclaves, but the free movement of citizens on the entire territory will be ensured,” Thaci said.

Albanian PM Sali Berisha added that Kosovo is an independent state and as such, its sovereignity must be respected.

The two premiers signed a Memorandum of Understanding that will serve as a basis for signing of the future agreements between Pristina and Tirana.

From the U.S.-based International Analyst Network, by Balkans security expert Ioannis Michaletos:

Alert level rises for Jihadi attacks in the Balkans

In early May 2008 a new political party was formed in Kosovo, named “National Party for Greater Albania”, that has as a main purpose the unification of the Albanian communities in one state centered on Kosovo. According to estimations the finance of this party will come from American-Albanians in New York and New Jersey, whilst they are also willingly supported by radical elements in Tetovo and Albania. They are also planning to enact a series of referendums in the aforementioned regions in order to complete the creation of a “Grand Albanian” state and from what it seems their ultimate goal is to make Pristina the capital of this state.

Moreover for the first time in recent history, an Albanian crowd gathered in the Slavic majority sector of Skopje [Macedonia] chanting the acronyms “UCK-UCK” on the 30th of May.

“UCK” is the Albanian acronym for “KLA” — the supposedly (if you ask our government or any other Albanian apologist) Kosovo-only “liberation” movement. So why would Macedonian “citizens” have such feeling for a Kosovo group?

There was also this related paragraph from the State Dept.’s recent “Report on Terrorism - Kosovo“:

International prosecutors and the Kosovo Special Prosecutor’s Office (KSPO) also initiated four terrorism-related investigations and filed two indictments, which were pending confirmation at year’s end. One of the indictments was related to Albanian National Army (AKSH) activity, and one of the investigations involved the Front for Albanian National Unification (FBKSH), the AKSH’s political wing.

But let’s see what happens if a single reporter (not American, of course) asks our State Dept. about this business of a Greater Albania:

State Dept. Deputy Spokesman Tom Casey, March 31 press briefing:

MR. CASEY: Okay, Mr. Lambros.

QUESTION: On Kosovo, Mr. Casey…former Secretary Lawrence Eagleburger in an interview with the Greek daily Kathimerini stated once again that the so-called independence of Kosovo is the first step of the creation of “Great Albania.” Any comment?

MR. CASEY: Well, I’m not sure what former Secretary Eagleburger might have said, but the great thing about being a former government official is that you’re a private citizen and you can say what you want. The policy of the U.S. Government, as you know, is to recognize the independence of Kosovo. We have recognized it. So have many other countries throughout the world. I am not aware of anyone here or there that is proposing any kind of “Greater Albania.”