You would think that, given how supposedly hunky dorey things are turning out for Montenegro after it declared independence from the Yugoslavian carcass known as “Serbia and Montenegro”, it would leap at the opportunity to recognize neighboring Kosovo’s independence. But in fact just the opposite is occurring:

Montenegro: No Kosovo recognition

PODGORICA — Montenegro has rejected as untrue a statement by Kosovo interim assembly speaker Jakup Krasnici that Podgorica will “soon recognize Kosovo”.

Krasnici told Podgorica daily Vijesti Saturday that Montenegrin leadership has informed authorities in Priština that Podgorica will soon officially recognize Kosovo Albanians’ unilateral declaration of independence of four months ago.

Montenegrin foreign ministry spokeswoman Irena Radović, however, reiterated that Montenegro will not hurry with a decision on recognizing Kosovo’s independence, the Podgorica media report.

Montenegrin opposition parties also reacted to Krasnici’s statement by “expressing hope that common sense will prevail and that Montenegrin authorities will not recognize the illegal violation of Serbia’s integrity, as that would undermine regional stability and good neighborly relations”.

What experience might Montenegro be drawing on to suggest that an independent Kosovo wouldn’t be good for regional stability? How ironic that Serbia’s most recent (but negotiated) divorcee is denying Kosovo the same privilege, after becoming the 192nd country whose recognition Kosovo must seek.