Al-Qaeda helpers operating in Bosnia

26 June 2008 | 12:30 | Source: Beta

BANJA LUKA — Bosnian Deputy Anti-Terrorism Security Minister Vjekoslav Vuković says there probably are organizations operating in the country linked to Al-Qaeda.

“We have obtained certain information and indicators that some of these organizations are active in Bosnia-Herzegovina, but under different names. Individuals who worked in outlawed organizations are now running others, which suggests that they are still active in Bosnia-Herzegovina,” Vuković told Banja Luka daily Nezavisne Novine.

He said that security and police agencies in Bosnia-Herzegovina had information about organizations and individuals listed by the UN as accomplices to terrorism, and certain measures were being taken accordingly.

The UN periodically publishes a list of organizations and individuals that are either members of or are linked to Al-Qaeda.

The list was revised a few months ago and now features groups such as Al-Furkhan, the Al-Harmain and the Al-Masjed Al-Aksa humanitarian foundations, Bosnian Ideal Future, the Global Relief Foundation, and Taibah International’s Bosnian office.

According to the UN’s information, all these organizations have offices in Bosnia-Herzegovina. […]

So it’s like U.S. envoy Raffi Gregorian was saying — and getting excoriated for in Bosnia — and all he could bring himself to say was that there are roughly between 11 and 99 terror-linked peeps in B-H:

Asked how many of those problematic persons there were in Bosnia, Gregorian answered “more than ten and less than a hundred”.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! That’s govertainment!