In a belated AP report last week citing al Qaeda’s recruitment of “white Muslims” from Bosnia and describing a raid on a Sarajevo apartment of precisely such a suspect, the following paragraph appeared:

“What they planned, investigators believe, was to blow up a European embassy. But compounding their concern, they say, was the ringleader’s background: Maximus turned out to be Mirsad Bektasevic, a 19-year-old Swedish citizen of Serbian origin with ties to a senior al-Qaida operative.”

“Mirsad” is not a Serbian name. It’s a Muslim name. The terror plotter is known to be Muslim and is believed to be either of Bosnian or Serbian nationality. But in the mainstream media’s tireless efforts to confuse the otherwise graspable world situation as much as possible and muddy the lines of the jihad that asserts itself every day, they couldn’t resist throwing you a curve ball.

So that just when things start to fit, just when you think you have a handle on the current conflict and on the character of the terrorism we face on a daily basis, just when you think you can put your finger on the enemy and start coming to some obvious conclusions and making some accurate generalizations, here come the PC brigades to portray terrorism as a multi-cultural enterprise. Why? In order to make the world look as messy and un-navigatable as it seemed when you were an infant, so that the enemy remains shapeless and you are left feeling impotent to fight back.

Incidentally, bringing Serbia up in this context recalls 1993, the first time the Muslims bombed the World Trade Center and initial intelligence reports and radio personalities attributed the attack to Serbs—in the most tireless effort of all: keeping the Serbs demonized so as to justify our backwards, self-destructive policies in the Balkans even as they backfired before our eyes. Likewise, in the 1994 and 1995 bombings of a busy marketplace in Sarajevo, the U.S. was warned by European intelligence agencies that the mortars likely came from the Bosniaks and not the Bosnian-Serbs, so we bombed the Serbs. A few years later, in the 1997 movie “The Peacemaker” starring Nicole Kidman and George Clooney, it was a “Yugoslav nationalist” who came to bomb the UN.

So there you have it: While in reality, Muslims are wreaking havoc upon the earth at every turn and killing anything that moves, in the government, media and the movies, it’s the white, Christian Serbs who are doing it.