What a surprise it must have been to some employees at the New Haven, CT, branch of Casey Family Services — a help agency begun by UPS founder Jim Casey — to receive the following flier in their electronic inboxes:

Subject: Diversity Committee Enrichment Series

The New Haven Diversity Committee has recently purchased a 6 hour video series that was aired on CNN entitled: God’s Warriors. The series is broken into 3 sections: God’s Warriors Part 1: Jewish Warriors, God’s Warriors Part 2: Muslim Warriors, and God’s Warriors Part 3: Christian Warriors.

The Diversity Committee would like to offer a showing of this series at brown bag lunch sessions. Each part is 2 hours in length so the showing will be broken into two sessions of 1 hour each from 12:30-1:30. Please see the schedule of showings listed below:

Wednesday, June 25 God’s Warriors Part 1: Jewish Warriors - First Hour
Thursday, June 26 God’s Warriors Part 1: Jewish Warriors - Second Hour

God’s Jewish Warriors draw inspiration from the Book of Ezekiel: “Ye shall dwell in the land that I gave to your fathers.” For them, Israel’s victory in the Six-Day War in 1967 meant the fulfillment of prophecy: They believe that when Jews return to their Biblical homeland and live according to the Torah, the Messiah can come. Following the war that redesigned the map of the Holy Land, Jewish settlements in the captured territory have become the central uncompromising principle of right wing Jewish settlers. Amanpour tells the personal stories of those who are willing to die for their cause. God’s Jewish Warriors was filmed in the West Bank, Israel, the United Kingdom and the United States.

The remaining videos are scheduled for:

Tuesday, July 1 God’s Warriors Part 2: Muslim Warriors - First Hour
Wednesday, July 2 God’s Warriors Part 2: Muslim Warriors - Second Hour

Wednesday, July 7 God’s Warriors Part 3: Christian Warriors - First Hour
Friday, July 10 God’s Warriors Part 3: Christian Warriors - Second Hour

Anyone interested in viewing these series, please bring your own lunch and join us in the 3rd floor conference room at 12:30 on the dates listed.


New Haven Diversity Committee

Casey Family Services
New Haven, CT.

Why would a workplace broach religion in this way, much less spread CNN’s moral equivalence propaganda via this discredited series by the discredited Christiane Amanpour (Islam’s holy warrior named “Christian”)? It should also be noted that the ordering of the series — which led to the order in which it was shown at this office — was very intentional: Start with the microcosmic Jewish holy war, and that’ll somewhat “explain” and diminish the daily, deadly, worldwide Muslim holy war. It also contributed to an office error in which the Diversity Committee sent out a reminder to watch Part 2 while highlighting the same Jewish-focused summary paragraph seen above.

As a friend of a friend employed by the agency related his friend’s reaction: Whitewash terrorists and when people protect themselves, it’s equal to bombings in schools and beheadings!

Not that the Jew-fixation should come as a surprise from a philanthropic agency that has been described as: “Go to MoveOn.org, and take a sharp Left.”

The Casey Foundation was started by UPS founder Jim Casey, whose values appear to have been quite different from the direction that his legacies — the Annie E. Casey Foundation and Casey Family Programs — have taken today as they funnel money to a host of leftwing zealot-run groups and Marxist organizations/charities such as Teresa Kerry’s Tides Foundation and any number of its moonbat clones and political causes. Oh, but if you ask the agency or foundation, it isn’t in any way “political” itself.

Like so many organizations that started out with the right idea, the late Mr. Casey’s foundation long ago joined the ranks of the hijacked.

Interestingly, the idea to purchase and present the moral equivalency series came to the “Diversity” Committee via the Muslim employee at the New Haven branch. This is a perfect illustration of how it takes only one Muslim in any given environment to set the political tone. In this case, a political tone that minimizes the threat of radical Islam to the levels of non-genocidal Christian and Jewish believers.

Although Muslims, such as the woman who suggested the series to Casey Family Services, are free here — free to think differently from the orthodoxy dictated by whatever godforsaken lands they left, and free to employ all the deprogramming tools and information at their disposal — they do not. And the reason they do not is, as the Lebanese Brigitte Gabriel explained, “Because They Hate.”

The Casey Foundation/Casey Family Services has at least one hater in its midst and apparently more than a few passive accomplices.