What could America be groveling to Bangladesh for?! What o what would it take to make the mighty lone superpower come crawling on hands and knees to little Bangladesh? What could it possibly need o so very much…from Bangladesh? What singular thing could necessitate this kind of desperate, country-by-country begging by the lone superpower? Indeed, what is reducing America while magnifying and making world players out of places like Bangladesh, Costa Rica, Liechtenstein, Burkina Faso, Nauru, Marshall Islands, and the 57 Muslim OIC states we’re begging to recognize Kosovo as a bloc? (”Where’s that damn Muslim solidarity?!!” screams the free world leader.)

Only one thing, Folks. Only one thing:

US lobbies for Kosovo recognition

Dhaka, July 01 (bdnews24.com) - Bangladesh said Tuesday it would consider national interests in recognising Kosovo, a breakaway republic from Serbia.

The US has been lobbying for Dhaka’s recognition of Kosovo, a Muslim majority state, which declared independence on February 17 with support from the US and its allies, defying Russia and Serbia.

US ambassador James F Moriarty Tuesday met foreign affairs adviser Iftekhar Ahmed Chowdhury a second time at the foreign ministry and conveyed the US government’s request to Bangladesh to recognise Kosovo.

“I was once again asked by my government to go and talk to the foreign adviser about Kosovo,” Moriarty told reporters after his meeting with Iftekhar.

“The main objective of his (Moriarty) visit was to discuss the Kosovo issue. They want a formal recognition. We said we would examine the issue,” Iftekhar told reporters.

The adviser said Bangladesh would take a decision considering the stance of other Muslim countries on Kosovo’s independence. “Muslim states were not all of the same opinion,” he told bdnews24.com.

“We must have close relations with Kosovo, but we will think about our national interests in recognising Kosovo,” said Iftekhar.

“On such matters (recognition of any country), we take into consideration how we will benefit from it. There are some political problems,” said the adviser.

“As Russia has made it clear that it will resist Kosovo’s UN membership. There are lots of disagreements on whether a state (Serbia) should be broken or what the relations should be with a country which will not be able to be a UN member,” he said.

Kosovo issue being mooted (The Daily Star, Bangladesh)

Bangladesh has not yet firmed up its stance on the question of recognising Kosovo’s independence despite persistent diplomatic maneuvering by US Ambassador James Moriarty, who met Foreign Adviser Iftekhar Ahmed Chowdhury yesterday for the second time to pursue the issue of recognition of the new Balkan state.

The foreign ministry had already issued a statement on Kosovo, mentioning that the Bangladeshis were overwhelmingly in support of the people of Kosovo for a variety of reasons, he added.

The adviser hoped that a decision in this regard could be taken soon in consultation with other Islamic countries. However, he admitted the fact that the OIC-member states are split up on the issue of Kosovo’s independence, and the last Islamic Conference of the Foreign Ministers held in Uganda failed to reach a consensus on the subject. […]

So if you want to know what’s reducing America to unprecedentedly low levels, look to tiny, long forgotten but recently remembered, seemingly insignificant Kosovo, which is turning world order on its ear. Then ask yourself, Why the desperation? Why is it so important for the U.S. to get Albanians a second state? Albanians — of whom there are relatively few in the world? If it doesn’t seem to make sense, do as Ayn Rand commands and question your premise. The premise, of course, is that Serbian “oppression” necessitates Kosovo independence. But somehow that just doesn’t seem like a convincing reason to explain why little Kosovo would be such a national priority for a superpower, does it? So if you reevaluate the premise, you’ll realize there can be only one thing that compels the U.S. to reduce itself to the current groveling: the threat of Albanian violence against international administrators and troops (including our National Guard) at a time we can least afford more wars.

And so places like Bangladesh are suddenly significant world players, by virtue of the simple fact that they are countries, and therefore one of the 192 entities whose recognition Kosovo needs — as do we on Kosovo’s behalf, or its a whole lot of bureaucrats’ hides — political and physical. It’s also important for the U.S. to have as much of an international consensus as possible on the issue in order to have fewer detractors and repercussions when it’s time to start shooting European Christians called Serbs again, this time in the midst of a jihad on us by Muslims. (Look for this to happen in September, when Serbia is going to ask the UN General Assembly to reopen negotiations, or earlier if a full deployment of the EU law and order mission occurs this summer.)

The American bureaucrats and politicians (including Wesley Clark and John McCain) who have pushed this policy on us — are so desperate to deliver what they promised to the Albanian mafia that they’re even pressuring the pressurers:

U.S. unhappy with Kosovo’s lobbying efforts

PRIŠTINA — Assistant to the U.S. Secretary of State Rosemary DiCarlo says the U.S. is unsatisfied with the work of the Kosovo’s institutions in the lobbying process.

DiCarlo is understood to have said during a recent visit to Kosovo that “part of the joint plan between the United States and Kosovo was to achieve 97 recognitions by September. After that, Kosovo was supposed to apply for a membership of the UN General Assembly”, an unnamed source told Television Kosovo.

According to the source, that plan might fall through owing to the relatively small number of countries that have recognized Kosovo and the inefficiency of the Kosovo government, writes Priština daily Koha Ditore.

We are in the Year of the Rat, according to the Chinese calendar. And the Year of the Rat means “chaos”. If we were to stand at a distance and review the Year of the Rat so far, we would see the following:

America securing a Muslim state in Europe (Kosovo);
America easing trade sanctions on North Korea and removing it from the list of nations that sponsor terrorism.
America reaching out to Syria and Iran over Iraq;
America pressuring Israel into deadly concessions while presiding over a Saudi-Israeli Annapolis conference at which Israelis had to use the back door;
The American president making the unprecedented move of attending opening ceremonies at the Olympics (outside the US)– in China — the genesis of the Year of the Rat itself.

When Bush named the Axis of Evil in 2002, I didn’t know he meant for us to join it.

But let’s look at that last one in the list above. Why the extra show of good will toward China? China is a huge trading partner regardless of whether Bush attends the opening ceremony or not. What is driving the American president to insist on attending, when no American president has done so outside the US even when the Olympics weren’t being held in a totalitarian state and communist regime?

People generally aren’t mystified enough by George Bush’s decision to set a precedent of the U.S. president attending the Olympics the year the games are held in an unfree society. If there is an underlying reason for Bush’s overture to the Chinese, you will once again find it in Kosovo. For China is firmly with Russia on the Kosovo issue, as it concerns state sovereignty. This will seem like a far-fetched theory only to those who lack a familiarity with the region and the very recent, very deadly history of Albanians toward the international presence in and near Kosovo. The American and European desperation on Kosovo is palpable, and should not be underestimated.

On the subject of China, meanwhile, the White House had better keep its china under lock and key next week as:

President Bush Welcomes President Fatmir Sejdiu and Prime Minister Hashim Thaci of the Republic of Kosovo

The President will welcome President Fatmir Sejdiu and Prime Minister Hashim Thaci of the Republic of Kosovo to the White House on July 21, 2008. The President looks forward to meeting with President Sejdiu and Prime Minister Thaci during their first visit to the United States as leaders of an independent Kosovo. The visit will provide an opportunity for the President to discuss with President Sejdiu and Prime Minister Thaci his strong support for the efforts of the Kosovo Government to build a democratic, prosperous, multiethnic state with institutions that serve all of Kosovo’s citizens.

Look for all kinds of Presidential plates and cutlery on Ebay with various selling points in Albania. For the right price, they’ll even throw in a liver or a lung — human, of course, preferably Christian. Hopefully, Bush won’t be wearing an expensive watch this time.

Bottom line: the White House of the “war on terror” president will host the terrorists whom we installed as president and prime minister — of a narco-terrorist jihadist transit point. It’s a disgrace that will haunt us for decades to come, starting September 11, 2001.