It’s the annual Srebrenica anniversary — a time to celebrate the closest thing that the Muhammedan death cult got to its desperately sought genocide. The 13th anniversary of the July 11, 1995 battle at Srebrenica was on Friday, and the commemorations are stretching through the weekend by the merrymakers and their sycophants. It promises to be the biggest Srebrenica party yet, given that 13 is a most cherished number for worshippers of any satanic cult:

Bosnia: 307 Srebrenica victim bodies to be buried during 13th anniversary ceremony (AP, July 9)

Coffins containing the remains of 307 Bosnian war victims are being transported to a cemetery in Srebrenica for burial on the 13th anniversary of Europe’s worst massacre [sic] since World War II.

Hundreds of people in Sarajevo came out Wednesday to watch two trucks carrying the coffins pass through the capital and to pay their respects to the victims of the 1995 massacre in the eastern town of Srebrenica.

The coffins, which contain remains of victims identified through DNA tests, will be buried in a ceremony Friday.

Some 8,000 Muslim men and boys were killed in Srebrenica over several days when Serb forces overran the town in 1995. [Not, Not, and Not.] The youngest victim of the 307 was 15 and the oldest 84. [i.e. women and children were bussed out by the Bosnian-Serb army; males 15 and over were armed, because that’s warrior age in Muslimese.]

Tens of thousands of people are expected to attend Friday’s funeral, including local and international officials.
Like the nearly 3,000 victims already buried at the Srebrenica-Potocari memorial center, the 307 were found in mass graves near Srebrenica, identified and returned to their families.

Still waiting for the international commemorations for the dismembered Serbs stuffed down wells by the Srebrenica Muslims. But the Serbs mourn alone, as no international “dignitaries” help to commemorate the Christian dead of that war.

In preparation for this weekend’s festivities surrounding all this sumptuous death, the UN court at the Hague granted an acquittal to Naser Oric, tribal chief of the Srebrenica branch of the death cult. (This is on the heels of the acquittal of Albanian Serb-killing indictee, Ramush Haradinaj; and of course instead of being tried and acquitted, fellow Albanian Serb-killers Agim Ceku and Hashim Thaci became prime ministers.)

The twisted, bloodthirsty Muslim war criminal Naser Oric’s glorious kills were described in the Toronto Star on July 16, 1995:

I met him in January, 1994, in his own home in Serb-surrounded Srebrenica. On a cold and snowy night, I sat in his living room watching a shocking video version of what might have been called Nasir Oric’s Greatest Hits. There were burning houses, dead bodies, severed heads, and people fleeing. Oric grinned throughout, admiring his handiwork. “We ambushed them,” he said when a number of dead Serbs appeared on the screen. The next sequence of dead bodies had been done in by explosives: “We launched those guys to the moon,” he boasted. When footage of a bullet-marked ghost town appeared without any visible bodies, Oric hastened to announce: “We killed 114 Serbs there.” Later there were celebrations, with singers with wobbly voices chanting his praises.

Please note that it was outrageous enough two years ago when this rabid operative of the fundamentalist Izetbegovic regime — who was following government orders to ensure a death toll of at least 5,000 in order to win a Western intervention – was “convicted” by the Hague with time served and allowed to walk out a free man and pick up with whatever political career he wanted, as Serb-killers of all ethnicities do. No, that wasn’t good enough. After his Srebrenica Muslims killed thousands of Serbs, and after he ensured that the enclave would fall to the Serbs and secure the numbers Izetbegovic demanded, this operator insisted on going back to the Hague to APPEAL his non-conviction conviction. He wanted to clear his name — not because he didn’t kill people but because there’s nothing wrong with killing Serbs.

And really, the man is going on Balkan precedent, which states that killing Serbs for any reason is no crime. Croatian Helsinki Committee president Zarko Puhovski was speaking for all the Balkans in 2006 when he explained, “Killing Serbs was normal” in Croatia.

Indeed, the war criminal Oric is a hero. Just look at the adoring Bosnian public when its jihadist hero had to go to court for doing nothing more than fulfilling his righteous duty of infidel-killing:

Anyway, the way this works is after a Serb-killing war criminal (and therefore not a war criminal) is acquitted, he then cites the verdict as proof that “no war crimes took place” by his side or, as Kosovo Albanians declared upon Ramush Haradinaj’s acquittal, that “the Kosovo war was just”:

After his acquittal, Oric told journalists in the Hague he was happy, because the verdict was proof that Muslim forces “committed no crimes in Srebrenica.”

From AKI: Bosnia: Hague war crimes court acquits Srebrenica Muslim commander (The Hague, July 3,

A United Nations appeals court on Thursday acquitted a wartime Bosnian Muslim commander Naser Oric of crimes against Serb civilians.

The UN’s Hague-based war crimes court for the former Yugslavia cleared Oric. “The appeals chamber … reverses Naser Oric’s conviction (and) finds Oric not guilty,” said judge Wolfgang Schomburg.

Oric, who was wartime commander in the eastern town of Srebrenica in 1992-93, had been charged under the “command responsibility” clause with the death of at least six Serb civilians, cruel treatment of prisoners and the destruction of 12 Serb villages in Srebrenica area.

Explaining the appeals panel ruling, Schomburg conceded : “Grave crimes were committed against Serbs in two detention centers in Srebrenica between September 1992 and March 1993.

“But to prove that the crimes have taken place isn’t enough to sentence a concrete person for these crimes,” Schomburg said.

According to Serb sources, more than 3,000 Serbs were killed in the Srebrenica area by the forces under Oric’s command…After his acquittal, Oric told journalists in the Hague he was happy, because the verdict was proof that Muslim forces “committed no crimes in Srebrenica.”

Oric’s two-year sentence in 2006 provoked protests, shock and disbelief among Serbs in Bosnia and Serbia.

His acquittal on appeal is likely to trigger further Serb discontent.

The Hague tribunal has indicted 161 people, mostly Serbs, for crimes committed during the 1990s Balkan wars and more than fifty have been sentenced so far. […]

Here was Oric’s adoring public upon his release in 2006:

From a July 1 report, just before Oric’s acquittal:

…In Bosnia, popular poems are still chanted in his glory for his defence of Srebrenica. But Serbia considers him a criminal who terrorised Serbian villages and enriched himself on the Srebrenica black market.

Years after the events at Srebrenica, the tribunal found Oric not liable for his troops’ destruction of about 50 villages with Serb majority populations in the vicinity of the enclave.

Thousands of Serbs fled the region after their hamlets were razed, but Oric’s defence team had claimed he had no control over his troops.

The judges also dropped several counts of pillaging listed on the initial charge sheet, saying drastic actions had been necessary to nourish a famished population who had sought international assistance in vain. [i.e. If your jihad town’s food supply is low, there’s nothing wrong with planting an ax into a Serb’s head in order to get his or her food or livestock.]

Oric was one of few Bosnian Muslims to be tried by the tribunal, which is frequently accused of partiality by Serbia.

Of course, we were warned as early as February 1996:

Defense & Foreign Affairs Strategic Policy, February 29, 1996
By Gregory Copley, Editor

The US Clinton Administration’s deployment of troops to the former Yugoslavia to help, as part of the UN-approved “IFOR” (Implementation Force) has, despite promises to the contrary, NOT taken an impartial line in helping to maintain “peace” in Bosnia-Herzegovina. This journal has learned that US forces have, despite US statements to the contrary, set about trying to arrest “war criminals” among the Bosnian Serbs.

And, the White House has steadfastly refused to entertain Congressional requests to name ANY Muslims within the Bosnian Muslim forces or administration as accused war criminals. Even by the anti-Serb standards of the whole emotional “war crimes” fiasco, many Muslims and Croats would qualify for accusation as “war criminals,” as most observers would accept.

Clinton’s advisers persist in demonising just one side of this confused Balkan conflict in order to create a clear-cut “enemy.” […]

From another Defense & Foreign Affairs Strategic Policy report the same day:

Mujahedin in Bosnia up to 20,000 Strong

US Congressional leaders are pushing for the Clinton Administration to face the fact that the radical Islamist element within the B-H administration of Mr. Izetbegovic is far more anti-US and anti-Western in character than it has hitherto admitted.

One senior Congressman said: “We know that the Izetbegovic people have been as barbarous as any in the Balkans, and yet the White House will not hear of anyone in the US Government or, for that matter, among the NATO partners attempting to bring any Muslim war criminals to justice.”

And so here we are. While killers of Serbs are acquitted and permitted to pick up with their political careers, and continue facilitating the next round of Serb-killing, the world screams for the heads of Serbian war criminals as a top priority — the only Balkan war-criminal names that anyone knows.

As I guest-blogged last year on a friend’s blog in response to an ignorant comment by a reader after I blogged on the accomplishments of scientist Nikola Tesla (”Julia, the hate inside you grows strong. Your journey to the dark side is almost complete. Your skewed and morally flawed version of history will serve Emperor Ratko Mladic well.”):

The reader couldn’t even handle a Serb being celebrated for proliferating electricity to the modern world, which includes his own sorry ass. In response to that post, the reader threw out the name — drumroll, please — Ratko Mladic. How impressive that he knows the name of a Balkan war criminal — the Serbian name that everyone else knows. Say, Mr. Sponge, I’ll bet you know the name of another Balkan (Serbian) war criminal. That’s right! Radovan Karadzic! You’re two for two!

But let’s do the following exercise, Everyone. Mr. Sponge, you play along too. I’ll give you three seconds to name just one Albanian war criminal, or just one Croatian war criminal or just one Bosnian-Muslim war criminal. 1-2-3. Time’s up! Aw, you couldn’t do it? Gee, I wonder why that is. Because there weren’t any Albanian, Croatian or Bosniak war criminals? I’ll give you the answer to that: No. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I wonder why we only know the names of the Serbian war criminals.

Here, let me help you out. Following is just a miniscule sampling (just off the top of my head) of some non-Serb war criminals: Agim Ceku, Hashim Thaci, Ante Gotovina, Alija Izetbegovic, Naser Oric, Franjo Tudjman, etc…

What?! None of these names sounds familiar? No kidding!

In closing, here is an excerpt from an April 1993 article in the UK Independent, written by writer Haris Nezirovic, of the Bosnian weekly Slobodna Bosna (”Free Bosnia”). See if you can make any sense of the first paragraph, given that we’re talking about the “genocidal Serbs”:

Privately, the [Srebrenica Muslim] commanders add, they believe that the Serbs will not launch an all-out attack as long as refugees are there. More importantly, they say that without the civilians the defense of the town would crumble. They believe that Muslim fighters are better motivated when their families are there behind them…What this means in practice is thousands of civilians will have to remain in full range of Serbian guns.

What does it say about the Serbs if their enemies know they will be reluctant to hurt civilians? It says that the Serbs have the fundamental restraint and moral center common to Judeo-Christian societies, which their enemies use to maximum advantage. By now, this really, really should ring familiar to Middle East watchers.

Furthermore, anyone who calls the Srebrenica hoax a “genocide” is in effect a genocide minimizer.