From December: “Wahhabis planned terror on US Embassy in Serbia

The arrested 15 members of a Wahhabi terror group have been charged by the Serbian authorities for planning terror attacks on various locations in the capital Belgrade that were to include bombings of the US Embassy in Serbia.

According to the indictment, the arrested Muslims have engaged in terror planning and the evidence includes confiscated weapons, various communication intercepts between the members inside Serbia, Bosnia and Saudi Arabia and detailed maps with specific markings for potential targets.

“The indicted ones have established a close network with the similarly minded individuals, commanders, ideologues and mentors abroad - in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria and Saudi Arabia, with whom they were communicating through telephones, email and otherwise, and through the recorded commands on CDs,” says the office of the prosecutor that has charged the men.

The 15 Muslim men that are charged are led by Senad Ramovic from Novi Pazar located in the Serbian southern region of Raska where rival Muslim groups have recently engaged in mutual violence. The authorities in Serbia say that Ramovic was planning to assassinate the rival Muslim leader Mufti Muamar Zukorlic.

One of the accused, Senad Vjeselovic, says that the group was in close contact with various radicals in Mecca and Madina, both in Saudi Arabia, who were transmitting orders from “Sheiks” on whether Mufti Zukorlic should be assassinated or not.

Serbian authorities have also found maps in the confiscated computer owned by Mehmed Koljšija, a member of the terror group. The maps identified locations inside the city of Belgrade such as the Theater, Beogradjanka building, Hotel Park and the US Embassy.

When asked why did his computer have the marked maps, Koljšija said that he likes those particular maps as well as the marked buildings but could not recall where did he download the maps from.

Authorities have also confiscated various weapons that can fully arm anywhere between 30 to 40 individuals.