In this stand-up comedy routine using the same terrorist pronunciation of “Kosovo” which Bill Clinton taught us in 1999 and which Eliot Engel, Wesley Clark and other paid dhimmis also use, Schmuck Schumer earns his Albanian narco-terrorist dollars:

The people of Kosova have for centuries lived under oppression, unable to be who they are, to practice their religion as they wish [which they won’t be able to do now either, as the Wahhabism we’ve helped them unleash continues taking root], and being proud of their own nationality in being able to fly a Kosova flag — over KOSOVA! (cheers and applause) And now they can, and that is wonderful for the people of Kosova and it is wonderful for America.

Note: They don’t fly a “Kosova” flag. They fly an Albanian flag. So he doesn’t even observe that much.

…As you know, I have long supported Kosovan independence, but this year it was hit home to me because my daughter is a freshman in college…and on her own she visited Kosova and she visited Albania…and she sent me pictures…and so now the Schumer family has a first-hand view of the beauty of the Albanian people through my daughter.

Here is some Albanian beauty going through two other Jewish girls: An Israeli medical team helping Albanian refugees in Macedonia in 1999 didn’t find any “raped Albanian women”; however a female Israeli doctor was sexually assaulted by a refugee, and so the team picked up and left. (See this transcript from the Milosevic trial.)

Kosovo Albanian in England Rapes Israeli Tourist, Takes her out to Dinner After (March 2007)

An illegal immigrant living in Edgware who returned to the UK after being deported has been jailed for nine years for raping a 23-year-old Israeli tourist.

Kosovan Jetmir Xhelollari, 34, was deported in March last year but returned to Britain a short time later.

Harrow Crown Court heard how he met his victim, who cannot be named, in coffee shop Cafe de Paris, in Watford Way, Hendon, on August 2 last year. The pair talked and she accepted an invitation from Xhelollari to have dinner with him later that evening in Edgware.

After picking her up in his car, he said he needed to go home and change. When they arrived at his flat in the Stonegrove estate, he ordered her out of the car. She refused initially, but he persuaded her to enter the flat, where he raped her.

Afterwards he told his victim they were still going to the restaurant and threatened to kill her if she told anyone what had happened. At one point he claimed he was in the mafia.

But once at the Edgware bar, the woman said she was going to the toilet and managed to escape. Had she not reported the rape, say police, Xhelollari would still be living in the borough.

Xhelollari was sentenced at Harrow Crown Court on February 23. He must serve a minimum of four and a half years in jail, and will not be considered for parole until he is no longer deemed a danger to the public.

On completion of his sentence he will be deported.

Back to Schmucker:

Also, I want to say…the Jewish people will never forget what the Albanian people did for the Jewish people during the Holocaust.

Sure they will. If they could forget what far more Serbian people did for far more Jews during the Holocaust — helped of course by Albanian PR playing up what the Albanians did — then surely the Jewish people can forget what a handful of Righteous Albanians did. Especially since, unlike the Serbian people, Albanians formed their own Nazi division.

Schumer goes on to regurgitate the Albanian catch phrase about Albania being the only country in Europe where there were more Jews at the end of the war than at the beginning — to the authors of this mass-consumption phrase. (As I’ve pointed out in the past, it was not the only such country, and it had something to do with the fact that the non-Jew-killing Italians were occupying Albania.) More Schumer:

The Albanian people…have helped revitalize The Bronx and have helped revitalize all of New York City.

Mafias have a way of doing that.

You are what New York and America is all about. Hardworking, you want to provide for yourself and your family, and you are climbing the ladder of success so rapidly. And so I want to say to all of you it is a great day…because this is the first annual dinner where we have a free Kosova. May long live Kosova. Long live the Kosovan people. Long live the Albanian people.

When Schumer goes back to concerning himself with the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, the Palestinians will appreciate his position that wresting land from a country through terrorism is something to be hailed.