This goes along with the collective female swooning over the likes of Leonarado Di Caprio and Orlando Bloom:

Shimon Peres Aide Thinks Obama is a ‘Hunk!’

On Wednesday night’s Hardball, NBC News reporter Martin Fletcher revealed the quote that “went rushing around the media” in Israel…When asked by MSNBC host Chris Matthews, on the July 23 Hardball, to give his assessment of the media coverage given to Obama in Israel, Fletcher dropped the following nugget:

MARTIN FLETCHER, NBC NEWS: …[H]e’s been seen here really as much as, as, a rock star, as a leader. And people are surprised. By the way when he visited the president, Shimon Peres’ office today, one of Peres’ female assistants came out and said in Hebrew, “Hey what a hunk!”


I’m sorry to point out Obama’s lack of masculinity — which partly accounts for why he won’t be getting much of the Hispanic vote . (Latinos are prejudice against blacks and “maricons”, which is what that community is gossiping that Obama is.) (See also “Latino Immigrants Come to the U.S. with Negative Stereotypes of Black Americans” and “Longtime prejudices, not economic rivalry, fuel tensions.”)

But truly, and despite the staged female fainting at rallies, the man doesn’t exactly exude masculinity. (Messiahs are generally on the asexual side anyway.) In fact I think those two Obama daughters are Bill Clinton’s children. As civil rights activist Andrew Young pointed out, Bill Clinton has slept with more black women than Obama has, but we didn’t know that included Obama’s wife. Meanwhile, if Larry Sinclair is to be believed, Obama has been with more white men than Hillary Clinton has. But no big deal — we’ve had same-sex marriage in the White House before: the Clintons and the Roosevelts. (You really think it was for advice that Hillary was channeling Eleanor Roosevelt in the middle of the night?)

Chris Matthews, meanwhile, has been known to have “man crushes” — particularly on Bill Clinton — and now he’s got one on Barack Obama: Matthews — Obama Speech Caused ‘Thrill Going Up My Leg’

Anyway, Obama may not exude masculinity, but his wife does. She actually reminds me of Hillary. Why did the Obamas have only two kids? Because Michelle Obama got a vasectomy.

I first noticed the way she moves and talks when I watched the famous video of her saying she’s never been proud of her country until now (that is, until she stood a chance of becoming first lady). If you check out her build and posture, you’ll get a distinct high school volleyball player vibe — and with those chicks there’s a 50-50 chance that they play for the same team.

Finally, if the Israeli aide is working for Shimon Peres, she’s a lefty. And lefty women like emasculated men — indeed, they’re the ones who emasculated the men — so naturally the Michelle-beaten Barack Obama would seem like a hunk to this chick.