In supplement to my two posts shedding some light on the “massacre” of Vukovar, in which 200 Croatians were killed, here is part of an email from a source who knew the photographer who took the ghastly pictures of crushed Serbian skulls that led to a response by the Yugoslav Army — the said “massacre” that Croatians try to garner sympathy for on behalf of their democratic Nazi state:

Vukovar was the BEGINNING of the Croatian attack on “their” Serbs. When the then Yugoslav army, consisting of many, but not ONLY Serbs finally got there, what they found was reminiscent of Jasenovac-type murders of innocent Serbs. The Croatian defectors from Yugoslavia tried to hide in hospitals among the sick, after shedding their battle fatigues, then putting on hospital wear. They were pointed out by patients and executed “on the spot”. That’s how I remember the newspaper articles from Chicago at the time.

Question: If the Vukovar “massacre” of Croats “by Serbs” was wanton civilian-killing, as Croatia has managed to dupe the world into believing, why didn’t the Serbs just kill everyone in the hospital?

Here, interestingly, is a November scene from a recent Vukovar-related trial. It reinforces that, sure enough, the “massacre” that Croatians yell about to this day, in which “Serbs attacked a hospital!!” was actually this:

While prosecutors at the Hague tribunal will appeal what they call the “manifestly inadequate” sentences given to two former Yugoslav People’s Army, JNA, officers in the Vukovar trial, they will not dispute the acquittal of their co-accused.

Miroslav Radic, Veselin Sljivancanin and Mile Mrksic were accused of involvement in the torture and murder of some 200 Croats at Ovcara farm outside the town of Vukovar in November 1991, in what was one of the most notorious atrocities of the Balkans wars.

On September 27, Mrksic was sentenced to 20 years in prison for aiding and abetting murder, torture and cruel treatment, while Sljivancanin was given a sentence of five years for aiding and abetting torture.

The trial chamber dismissed all charges of crimes against humanity, because they said that the 194 victims who had been identified were not civilians.

Vukovar’s hospital, among the last buildings in the town to be taken by Serb forces, was full of patients, hospital staff and civilians sheltering in its corridors. [Note: Patients and staff pointed out the soldiers who were masquerading as civilians after slaughtering Serbs.]

Serb forces took some 200 men they suspected of being combatants, and hauled them to the pig farm at Ovcara where, according to the judgment, soldiers ‘’beat them with wooden sticks, rifle butts, poles, chains and even crutches'’.

This week, the prosecution announced it would ask for more severe sentences for Sljivancanin and Mrksic on the grounds that these were “manifestly inadequate” given the gravity of their crimes committed at Vukovar. […]

Meanwhile, check out how the Croats out-Muslimed the Muslims in Bosnia:

Transcripts Suggest Croatia Conspired to Break Up Bosnia (from November):

Tribunal prosecutors want controversial presidential transcripts to be admitted into evidence in the case against six Bosnian Croat officials.

The highest levels of the Croatian government secretly worked to seize part of Bosnia while pretending friendship with the Sarajevo government….

That’s right, Muhammedans. Taqiyya right back at ya!

The documents, transcripts of the then Croatian president Franjo Tudjman’s conversations, show Croatian officials believed the West supported it in its undercover bid to prevent a Muslim state being created in Europe.

Jadranko Prlic, Bruno Stojic, Slobodan Praljak, Milivoj Petkovic, Valentin Coric and Berislav Pusic were senior political and military leaders of the self-proclaimed Croat entity known as Herceg Bosna.

They face 26 charges of war crimes for the expulsion and murder of Muslims in Bosnia during the Croatian-Muslim conflict in 1993.

They are also accused of being part of a joint criminal enterprise to politically and militarily subjugate and ethnically cleanse Bosnian Muslims and other non-Croats from parts of Bosnia that they claimed as Herceg Bosna and to join this territory to a “Greater Croatia”.

Also allegedly involved in this enterprise were Tudjman, former Croatian defence minister Gojko Susak and Mate Boban, president of Herceg Bosna. All three are now deceased.

Several of the transcripts record how Tudjman ordered regular Croatian troops to be secretly sent to Bosnia to set up checkpoints and to support the Croats living there.

“Gentlemen, we’ve succeeded, we’ve succeeded in getting not just Herceg Bosna, which is what we had. We’ve [now] got - we can say this among ourselves - half of Bosnia, if we’re good at governing it, if we govern cleverly,” said Tudjman at a meeting with representatives Herceg Bosna on November 24, 1995.

Tudjman also regularly referred to Croatia as being on the front line against the expansion of world Islam, and even expressed sympathy for the Serbs because they are fellow Christians.

“Europe and the world are a bit afraid of… the creation of an Islamic [state] in Europe. So that they would even be inclined for a division [of Bosnia] to be carried out between Croatia and Serbia in order to avoid having that separate Muslim state, you know,” said Tudjman on January 8, 1992. […]

Tudjman, of course, got it wrong, given that the United States was working hard to create another Muslim state in Europe. And we’re still at it in Kosovo.