No, not Al Gore. Al Qaeda. Check it out:

Every election year, the Dems revive one of my jokes — by once again turning it into reality. The joke goes like this: Democrats sure have a lot of ambition. They’ll register anyone and anything to vote: canines, dead people, felons — they go inside prisons to register inmates. (So now you know the real reason they’re against the death penalty.) And it makes sense. Because who’s a convicted felon more likely to vote for — a Democrat or a Republican? Like I can really picture a criminal thinking to himself, “Gee, I’ll probably get sprung faster if the Democrat wins, but I think school vouchers for kids is more important.”

And here is Newsbusters last week:

On the front page of Monday’s Washington Post, reporter Krissah Williams Thompson chronicled liberal efforts to register felons to vote for Barack Obama. The story was stuffed with liberal activists, but nowhere in Thompson’s story was a single source who was critical of restoring voting rights to felons. Thompson made it clear that neither the McCain nor the Obama campaigns were actively registering felons, but the liberal groups clearly assume the felon vote is a Democratic vote.

As always, it’s interesting to note that the Democratic Party has the same recruiting model as al Qaeda.

Also of interest relating to the Obama campaign is the following excerpted item from the Washington Times:

‘Muslim bashers’ blamed for resignation of Obama aide

America’s largest Islamic civil liberties group on Aug. 6 defended Sen. Barack Obama after the Democratic presidential candidate’s Muslim-outreach coordinator resigned because of a brief association with a suspected Muslim extremist.

“Muslim bashers play a ‘six degrees of separation’ game of guilt by association with any Muslim who dares to engage in positive social or political activism,” said Ahmed Rehab, executive director for the Chicago chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

Did he really say “six” degrees of separation? I’ve never heard of a Muslim with that many degrees of separation from a terrorist or terror funder — usually a member of the immediate or extended family, or perhaps an in-law.