There’s a bit that I do on stage about Muslims, part of which goes:

These people hate America, Jews, and dogs. In other words, everything that makes the world just a little warm and fuzzy. I have a feeling that if I could read Arabic, I’d see that some of the storefronts in their neighborhoods have signs reading, “No Jews or dogs allowed.”

Well, I was talking to my friend Daryl the other day, who last year was trying to court an Arab chick in New York. On one occasion, the young woman took him to a clothing store in the Canal St. shopping district in downtown Manhattan, which was owned by some of her relatives. She pointed, with a giggling eye-roll, at a sign written in Arabic on the door. Daryl said he didn’t understand what she was laughing at, since he didn’t read Arabic. She explained to him, “That sign says, ‘No Jews or dogs allowed.’”

(As of this moment, I haven’t been able to confirm this, despite undertaking a two-hour wild goose chase in downtown Manhattan yesterday because my friend wasn’t able to recall exactly where the business was. However, if I were to decide to risk my life and search the Arab quarter on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, then I’m sure I’d return with more than a few photos of such signs.)