Uh-oh. Someone screwed up and sentenced an Albanian for killing Serbs. Whoever is responsible for this investigation and prosecution had better be in hiding:

Agence France Presse: UN court jails Kosovo Albanian for 40 years

PRISTINA, Kosovo - A United Nations court on Friday sentenced a Kosovo Albanian man to 40 years in prison for the 2001 killing of 11 Serbs and wounding ten others.

A three-member panel of judges found Florim Ejupi guilty of the attack on a bus carrying Serb pilgrims from Serbia to the enclave of Gracanica in central Kosovo for a commemoration service in February 2001.

The attack occurred seven kilometres inside Kosovo soil, near the town of Podujevo.

Ejupi, 30, “planted and detonated the explosive beside the road on which the convoy (with the Serb pilgrims) was passing”, presiding judge Hajnalka Karpati of Hungary said.

“The explosive blew up the bus, killing the driver and front seat passengers instantly.
Ejupi, who has pleaded not guilty, could appeal the verdict to Kosovo’s supreme court within 15 days.

The murders happened in 2001. The investigation got moving in late 2006. And the only reason it got moving at all is that international scrutiny of Kosovo increased as the independence “deadline” neared.