Turks back in Kosovo via education

ANKARA — Turkey plans to open a university in Priština, the Istanbul daily Hurriyet reported Monday in a article entitled “Turks returning to Kosovo with education.”

Several Turkish universities are planning jointly to set up a new institution of higher education “in the recently independent Kosovo”, the daily said, specifying that the new university will be built in Priština.

Contributions are expected from the TOBB University of Economics and Technology, the Middle East Technical University, the Bahcesehir University, and from a project support by the United States.

“Following the Battle of Kosovo in 1389, Kosovo was under the administration of the Ottoman Empire for 500 years, and Turks are now returning there through science, education and economy,” Hurriyet said.

Precisely because of this, Kosovo is now an attractive center for the construction of a Turkish university, the daily added.

“Turkey is returning with science, education and economy to Kosovo, which has managed to become an independent state despite opposition from Serbia and Russia, and with the help of the United States, the European Union, and Turkey,” the Istanbul daily said.

According to the this report, Turkish professors have already arrived in Kosovo in order to hold meetings with local representatives on a timetable for the beginning of the construction of the university, planned to span an area of 5,000 sq meters.

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