Over the summer the following report came from Balkan Insight:

Kosovo Serb Fleeing Reports ‘Untrue’ (June):

The UN in Kosovo has denied reports of Kosovo Serbs fleeing the town of Decan/Decani.

“In the past two days, media have erroneously reported that Kosovo Serb returnees living in Decan/Decani had fled the city,” the statement says.

Earlier, media reported that in protest to the decision by UNMIK Chief, Joachim Ruecker to return land to the nearby Serbian Orthodox Monastery, local Albanians had held protests forcing recent Serb returnees to flee again.

According to UNMIK, the returnees had complained to the mission’s Office of Communities, Returns and Minority Affairs that the reports were incorrect.

Hearing the possibility that tales of Serb returnees fleeing Decani were untrue, Albanians rectified the situation this week:

Serb returnees attacked in Dečani

The Dečani municipal chief says ten Serbs were assaulted by ethnic Albanians today.

The Serbs, Zoran Barović explained, were in this Kosovo enclave as members of a working group for the return of the Serbs driven out of their homes.

Barović told KiM Radio that a group of local Albanians attacked them physically and verbally, shouting offenses and telling them “you are not welcome here, there can’t be any good days for you here”.

The incident took place in front of the town hall. The working group members were told that they can return to Kosovo “only if they recognize the state of Kosovo”, while should they represent Serbia, “they are not welcome in Dečani”.

Kosovo police, KPS, intervened to escort the Serbs to their vehicles and to Peć, in the western part of the province.

In Peć, however, local KPS spokesman Avni Davukaj denied there was any physical assault on the Serbs, and said, “it’s possible verbal conflict took place between them”.

I guess UN officials in Decani weren’t attacked either. Whew.