Here is just the upshot on the Albanian journalist who revealed the identity of a protected witness at the recent trial of the U.S.’s hero and Serb-killer Haradinaj trial:

Kosovo editor fined for naming witness

The Yugoslav war crimes tribunal convicted and fined an award-winning journalist euro7,000 (US$11,000) Thursday for publishing the name of a witness who testified anonymously in the trial of Kosovo’s former prime minister.

Baton Haxhiu, editor of the daily Kosovo Express, was convicted of contempt of court for endangering the witness and his family. The witness had testified at the trial of former Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj under a pseudonym and with his face and voice distorted.

Haradinaj was acquitted of all charges of war crimes allegedly committed in 1998 against Serbs and their supporters in Kosovo. Judges said his trial was overshadowed by repeated cases of witness intimidation.

Haxhiu pleaded not guilty to contempt of court. He argued that the witness’ identity was already known.

Presiding judge Alfons Orie said Haxhiu’s actions undermined confidence in the tribunal’s protective measures and could dissuade witnesses from cooperating with the tribunal.

The editor had faced a maximum sentence of seven years imprisonment and a euro100,000 (US$157,000) fine…Haxhiu previously had appeared at the tribunal as a prosecution witness in two other trials, including the genocide case against former Yugoslav President leader Slobodan Milosevic. Orie said judges took his previous cooperation with prosecutors into account when setting his fine. […]

So the Albanian’s help in getting a conviction for a Serb on trial helped get him a lighter fine over his obstructing the conviction of an Albanian on trial. Sounds about standard.