Every once in a while you hear of something refreshingly rare that indicates the permeation of politically correct jihad hasn’t seeped into every last American psyche. An example of utter obliviousness as to who our new masters are made it to the news last week on September 11th:

Teacher Used Muslim Student As Terrorist Example

CHICAGO (CBS) ― A Chicago teacher is under fire for singling out the only Muslim student in her class while talking about the Middle East. The teacher has now been reassigned to another school. However, the young boy’s family is demanding answers.

CBS 2’s Mike Puccinelli reports that the family met behind closed doors at Chicago Public Schools headquarters for two-and-a-half hours in a meeting presided over by a federal mediator. All sides have agreed to meet again next month.

The teacher in question is no longer working at the same school, but if the Pakistani-American family at the center of this story has their way, she might not be working much longer.

“He came home and before he even took his backpack off, he had tears in his eyes already,” said Mohmmad Fahad Choudhary, victim’s brother.

Mohmmad talks about the day his little brother came home from school saying his teacher had singled him out in front of his class as an example of a terrorist.

“She used the example of if Saleh were to go on to an airplane, put his backpack down and put two wires together and the plane were to blow up - and she didn’t make a point,” said Christina Abraham, Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Saleh Choudhary did not want to go on-camera to talk about the incident, which happened last April while he was a sixth-grader at Brentano Academy, but his brother says the 13-year-old’s life hasn’t been the same since.

“Everybody started teasing him and calling him a terrorist after the comments were made by the teacher,” Mohmmad said.

Within days after the teacher allegedly made the comment during a history discussion, the family filed a complaint with the Office of Civil Rights.

Today, representatives from the federal government and CPS met with the family and the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

“The family does want her fired, they don’t believe that she should be teaching students anymore,” Abraham said.

The superintendent of Chicago Public Schools says lengthy suspension or possible termination is on the table.

“We have huge concerns about the conduct of the teacher,” said Chicago Public Schools CEO Arne Duncan. “From my standpoint, what happened is absolutely unacceptable and we’re looking at some very severe sanctions because of that behavior.” […]

Even if this was done to be funny, the teacher must remember that there is no humor in Islam. And we are in Islam. And it’s because the kid is Muslim that, rather than jabbing back at the kids who make fun of him and taking all the obvious digs in stride and turning it all around to become the most popular, likeable kid in school who ends up with the cheerleader prom queen the way picked-on kids of character have always done in America, this one instead calls CAIR.

Then again, he’s in elementary school. Let me think back to my own elementary school experience. Ah yes, I seem to recall in fifth grade when my teacher was telling us something or other about UFOs and aliens, defining the latter, simply, as “being from some place else.” At this point, a kid raised his hand and said, “Miss Bernstein, since Julia is from Russia, isn’t she a sort of alien?” The teacher thought for a moment, then answered, “Well yes, I suppose you could consider Julia an alien.” This made the student very happy and he proceeded to refer to me as an alien for the remainder of the day.

And the “alien” tag didn’t compare to the frequency and ubiquity with which a Jew who escaped Russia would be called a “commie.” By kids, teachers, co-workers at our mall jobs, rednecks, blacks and so on. Yet unlike the Muslim kid who called in the terrorist-associated CAIR, we didn’t call in a Communist-connected group to defend ourselves against being called communists.

What’s more, the Russians who fled Russia in the 70s and 80s were specifically anti-Communist in outlook, so the tag actually was less deserved than what Muslims are getting today.

Meanwhile, the last thing I heard about my old school district in Baltimore County — and this was in the last ’90s — is that the Russian immigrants, of whom there has been an influx with the “second” wave of the 1990s, were being referred to by various public school teachers as “the Russian Mafia.” For example, one friend of a young relative informed me that when she raised her hand to answer a question, the teacher cynically said, “OK, class, let’s hear from the Russian Mafia over there.” This high school student told me that it’s generally no-holds-barred when it comes to ethnic slurs against Russian immigrants at school — by faculty and students alike. The kids get ripped daily.

This made me recall my Baltimore County public high school of the late 1980s in which one teacher went off on a tirade against the Russian students who have been in his class — even though my cousin Olga was sitting right there listening to all this. The teacher said, “The Russian kids — they’re the worst. I can’t stand them. And they’re dumb on top of everything. Olga’s OK, though; we like Olga.” The teacher of course turned pale when Olga confronted him after class telling him he can’t say things like that and that if she wanted to she could easily inform a senior member of the Anti Defamation League, as he was a family friend. (The Russian kids at the time also happened to all be Jewish, so some kind of defamation case could be made.) He apologized and that was that. No students ever cried over this the way young Seleh did. One wonders whether that has to do with his subconscious understanding that his people, more than any other group in history, have brought this upon themselves.