The biggest news of the week was that Rupert Murdoch will be hosting a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton’s senatorial campaign. Asked to explain, Murdoch told Human Events, “We think that she’s been effective on state issues and local issues here in a New York. She’s been an effective and good senator. And if people want to come to breakfast for $1,000, they’re welcome.”

This development isn’t unrelated to Fox News’s desire to remake its image and shed itself of the jokes about its “fair and balanced” motto (e.g. “When Fox News is on at my home, the whole house tilts to the right.”–D.L. Hughley). Other efforts toward this end have been Fox’s airing in November of a one-sided documentary called “The Heat Is On: The Case of Global Warming” after some prodding by environmentalist Laurie David, wife of comedian Larry David. Additionally, Fox has gone on a liberal-hiring frenzy in recent months.

The network shouldn’t be surprised when, after all these efforts, the same jokes persist and it’s still stuck with the same image it has now, only with a decline in the conservative viewership that made Fox number 1 in cable news. All of which means that the network that’s been reminding America that appeasement doesn’t work in dealing with the enemy is itself succumbing to the flawed notion that it can win something through appeasement.

As for Hillary, I understand her wanting to be president, but does it have to be of this country? I thought she hated it. Couldn’t she just carpetbag again and run in some country she’s never lived in?