This was sent in by Stella Jatras, who adds, “I remember seeing Rohrabacher on the floor of the House, calling the Serbs Nazis and butchers.”

Rebel Republican congressman Dana Rohrabacher backs Russia over Georgia

A rebel US Republican congressman has sided with Russia in its invasion of and brief war with Georgia, putting himself at odds with the Bush administration and politicians of both parties.

“The Russians were right; we’re wrong,” Rep. Dana Rohrabacher said at a hearing of the House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee.

“The Georgians started it; the Russians ended it,” he added.

Mr Rohrabacher claimed that unidentified intelligence sources had assured him that Georgia started the fighting that began on August 7 when Georgia’s military tried to re-establish control over its breakaway, pro-Russian province of South Ossetia.

Russia joined the battle, brutally repelled the Georgian offensive and then pushed deep into Georgia proper, where many of its forces remain nearly a month after the battle ended.

Russia has been condemned by the Bush administration and other countries. Vice-president Dick Cheney visited Georgia and Ukraine, another former Soviet republic, early this month and called Russia’s actions “an affront to civilized standards” and “completely unacceptable”.

Both US presidential candidates, Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama, also have issued tough denunciations of Russia.

But Mr Rohrabacher insisted that Georgia was to blame: “The Georgians broke the truce, not the Russians, and no amount of talk of provocation and all this other stuff can alter that fact.” […]

Rohrabacher is entirely right about who started this thing. The sad part, however, is that he took this political risk — during an election year — all to establish pro-breakaway-region consistency in order to bolster the case for Kosovo independence, the case there of course consisting of his having gotten paid by Albanians to deliver an independent Kosovo.

Rohrabacher’s position is testament to the completeness with which he has been bought. He is taking Russia’s side to be consistent with, and to keep making the case for, an independent Kosovo. By supporting Russia and therefore the breakaway regions in Georgia, he is making a stronger case for “Kosova”. Russia will be no worse for the wear in all this, but as always the Serbs will get screwed. One can appreciate only Rohrabacher’s originality, his new approach to screwing the Serbs. He parts ways with the administration in that they’re sticking to the tried-and-true method to the Balkans madness in which what’s good for the goose is never good for the gander (the gander being the Serbs). He breaks with the administration with regard to how obvious they’re being in their double standards, which expose something fishy relating uniquely to Kosovo.

Now that’s dedication to the dollar. And let it further underscore the fact that our government officials know damn well that Serbia does not equal Russia, and that a newly hostile Russia in no way plays a role in our anti-Serb actions of the past two decades.

Incidentally, let it be known that Rohrabacher is a friend of Jesse Petrilla, who related to me just how hopelessly bought off Rohrabacher is: When Jesse told Rohrabacher of what he saw in Kosovo regarding the way that Serbs and other non-Albanians live in fear in Kosovo, and the doom that is in store for them under Albanian/Muslim rule, Rohrabacher waved off Jesse’s concerns, content to stick with the image of Kosovo from his guided tours of the province.