Silence from the Bush administration as its terrorist-laden client government in Kosovo seizes oxygen shipments en route to a Serbian hospital. The message from the Kosovo and the U.S government that is desperate to expedite the independence process any way it can: Submit to rule by your slaughterers or die sooner.

Recognize Kosovo or Serb babies will die, from, September 17, 2008:

Serbian infants, some in incubators, are on a verge of death because of lack of oxygen that is deliberately held back until Kosovo Serbs recognize Kosovo as an independent state.

“If you want your babies and elderly to live, if you want oxygen, recognize independent Kosovo,” quotes a message Dr. Stojan Sekulic from the General Hospital in Gracanica received.

Dr. Sekulic says that the separatist authorities in the province have seized oxygen bottles sent to his hospital from Belgrade and have told him that they will be delivered only when Serbs recognize Kosovo.

Spokesman for UNMIK at the administrative border crossing at Kosovo says that the driver of the oxygen shipment only had a bill that the oxygen was paid for.

“That was absolutely inadequate. He did not have complete documentation for imports. To enter Kosovo he needed to have a permission by the Ministry of Health of an independent Kosovo,” says the spokesman. The spokesman added that the oxygen will be released only when a complete documentation is submitted.

Hospital in Gracanica has nearly run out of oxygen.

Recall that telling Kosovo Serbs to seek paperwork from a government they don’t recognize is a favorite ploy used to deny them medical shipments and get them to submit to Muslim-Albanian rule. That’s what this UN official is doing here — he even hints it in his bizarre language: “To enter Kosovo, he needed to have permission by the Ministry of Health OF AN INDEPENDENT KOSOVO.” Who talks like that if he’s not making a statement? Apparently, an effort was made to get such paperwork:

Kosovo Serb babies denied oxygen , September 17, 2008

Kosovo Serb babies in the hospital in Gracanica are running out of oxygen and are in danger of dying after separatists seized the shipment and now demand that Serbs recognize their renegade entity.

“We waited for the chief of the terminal from 8 in the morning until 1 in the afternoon. He was hiding from us. We tried every possible way to get an answer why we cannot get the shipment, then we went to Pristina, and Kosovo Polje, border ministry, and no one wanted to listen to us,” says Dr. Stojan Sekulic.

“We were told, If you want want your babies and the sick to live, if you want air, recognize independent Kosovo,” says Dr. Sekulic.

Serbian Minster of Health, Elizabet Paunovic, has filed a complaint to the World Health Organization to no avail. Serb babies in Kosovo are deprived of oxygen.

Aid to the Serbian Minster of Health, Ivana Misic says that her Ministry is in contact with the hospital in Gracanica.

With regard to this latest Western atrocity against Serbs, a source named Alex writes the following:

Another insane parallel comes to mind, and since it’s in Serbian, I will translate for you. This happened in the sieged Banja Luka, in 1992. History repeats itself is NOT adequate to describe what is going on. Read on please. Original article (for those that read Serbian) was posted here:

“On that hot July of 1992, the world turned its back on 12 innocent souls. The appeals from Belgrade and Banjaluka were useless. The permits for allowing the plane to take off from Belgrade to Banjaluka, already loaded with oxygen tanks, never arrived. [The UN] Security Council would not waver, and within a period of a few days, 12 Serbian babies died as a result of the resolve. This unforgettable and unbelievable tragedy will be remembered as one of, up to this point in time, the [unprecedented blemishes] against the UN Security Council, as they had blocked all airspace over Banjaluka, including this airplane which contained more than needed oxygen tanks for the hospital in Banjaluka. where the babies were slowly dying…

“For the death of these 12 babies, no one has ever answered, and no one has been held accountable. Nobody has shown remorse, no one has even shown any shame (that they were the cause of death of 12 innocent lives-Alex). The UN Security Council administration had the power to allow the plane to take flight, but didn’t allow it. Those guilty of this monstrosity knew what the plane contained.”

So now, today, September 18th 2008, we have the same situation going on in Kosovo, where, insanely enough, we have Albanians threatening to kill more babies if we, Serbs, don’t recognize an independent Kosovo. I am to presume that the UN, UNMIK, Nato, US and EU really want as many Serbs dead as possible. I suppose this is their final solution.