An update to last week’s blog:

Bogdanovic - medicine delivery to Kosovo should be solved

BELGRADE, Sept 17 (Tanjug) - Serbian Minister for Kosovo-Metohija Goran Bogdanovic said on Wednesday that he would call upon UNMIK for a systemic solution to the problem of delivery of medicines and medical equipment from central Serbia to health centres in the Serb-populated communities in the province.

Commenting on the keeping of oxygen bottles for the Gracanica hospital at the Kosovo customs in Mitrovica, Bogdanovic told Tanjug that patients must not be hostages of politics, which obviously had its mark on the delivery of medicines to health centres and Serb patients in Kosovo-Metohija.

Kosovo Serbs’ right to be treated must be guaranteed and UNMIK and the international community need to react because of this and make this right possible, Bogdanovic said.

Director of the Gracanica Hospital Stojan Sekulic said that the oxygen bottles had arrived to the Gracanica Hospital during the afternoon and that Health Care Minister Tomica Milosavljevic and Minister for Kosovo-Metohija Bogdanovic had invested major efforts to ensure that the hospital receive the oxygen.

Oxygen supplied to Gracanica hospital

BELGRADE, Sept 17 (Tanjug) - Ten oxygen bottles required by the Hospital Center (KBC) in Gracanica, which were seized and held up for five days at the customs terminal in the southern part of Kosovska Mitrovica, were brought to KBC Wednesday afternoon, KBC Director Dr Stojan Sekulic told Radio Gracanica.

This is great news, especially for the patients, he said, noting that the shipment arrived without any documentation.

He thanked Serbian Ministers of Health Tomica Milosavljevic and for Kosovo-Metohija Goran Bogdanovic for their help.

The oxygen will cover the KBC needs for one week, Sekulic said, expressing hope that the Serbian Ministry of Health and the Coordinating Center, in cooperation with the World Health Organization and the international
community, will find a way to prevent a similar situation in the future.