I found the following tidbit in a May, 2008 article in the Komsomolskaya Pravda, a Russian news site. The article was titled “The Land of Stolen Mercedes”:

Officially, the flag of the new, disputed Kosovo state has 6 stars honoring the nationalities living in the country. Even the minute Roma population wasn’t forgotten. But according to a rumor the stars actually represent the 6 territories of Great Albania (Kosovo, half of Macedonia, Albania, Serbia’s Preshevo Valley, Greece’s Chameriya region and part of Montenegro) and the hope for their annexation.

I should say straight off that Albanian citizens aren’t fanatical about Great Albania. They’re more fans than players.

“Listen, we’re already in Albania,” they say firmly over a glass of rakia. “Why should we fight? Let our neighbors do the fighting and we’ll support them if we need to.” Although Albania cheered exultantly after Kosovo declared independence and Tirana’s buildings were covered in graffiti reading, “There’s no Albania without Kosovo and Chameriya,” residents are more interested in the possibility of living off their neighbors who the West is promising massive financial injections.

“Of course we want to live together. It’s normal,” Geegee said, the owner of trendy bar. “All Albanians are nationalists. To speak openly, we don’t intend on dying for the idea of the ‘Great Albania.’ But sooner or later, everything will fall into place. When Kosovo, Macedonia and Albania enter the EU, the borders will be conditional and the merging will be inescapable.”