So the Muslim part of the rotating Bosnian presidency, Haris Silajdzic — who as foreign minister and then prime minister during the Bosnian war had the West’s support — goes well beyond fostering fundamentalism, and it appears he did more than just provide passports to foreign mujahedeen ‘out of desperation’ to ‘defend’ Bosnian Muslims. Muslim dissident Dzevad Galijasevic — a lone voice among “non-Muslimy” Bosnians (one out of nine of whom has something positive to say about the Wahhabi presence there) — has been on the case for a while, at great danger to himself, and now has this to say, from Serbianna:

Bosnian Muslim President Haris Silajdzic is on top of the al-Qaeda pyramid and is part of the system of organized international terrorism says Bosnian Muslim politician Dzevad Galijasevic.

The chief of Al-Qaeda for Bosnia is the leader of the the dominant SDA Bosnian Muslim political party, Semsudin Mehmedovic and along with Irfan Ljevakovic have organized a vast terror recruiting network across Bosnia, says Galijasevic.

There are 1,500 mosques in Bosnia and in 50 to 100 of those is used to recruit Bosnian Muslims for al-Qaeda says Galijasevic.

Galijasevic also says that the Kosovo Liberation Army was formed by al-Qaeda.

Galijasevic has appealed to the Hague tribunal for war crimes to arrest the founding leader of Bosnian al-Qaeda, now dead Alija Izetbegovic. Hague declined to do that. A street in Saudi Arabia has been named after Izetbegovic.

Galijasevic has also asked the Council of Europe to pass a resolution that will prohibit Haris Silajdzic from supporting radical islamic and terrorist policy.

Galijasevic was a former Mayor of a Bosnian town of Maglaj.

“If the Ministry for Interior of Republic of Srpska is extinguished and a unitary police is formed in Bosnia, then entire Bosnia will become one large al-Qaeda cell,” says Galijasevic.

“That is the ultimate goal for which, of course, with help of large sums of petrodollars, is sought by Islamic lobbies in the world centers of power,” says Galijasevic.

Galijasevic confirms that the Serb Republic is indeed the better half of Bosnia.

“It is correct, for now, that Serb Republic is the better half of Bosnia even in the field of preventing al-Qaeda network. That is how it has to stay, because that is the only way that, at least, half of Bosnia remains unwelcoming for operatives, terrorists and al-Qaeda criminal,” says Galijasevic.

Bosnian Muslim media, mostly dominated by the Bosnian Muslim leadership, is issuing scathing attacks on Galijasevic.

“Irrespective that Galijasevic is for many a general fool, his public statements bring harm not only to individuals but to the entire Bosniak people and country of Bosnia,” writes Bosnian Muslim newspaper Dnevni Avaz.

Let’s keep in mind that U.S. policy has been supporting increased centralization of the three-part Bosnian government — with the Muslim third as the heavy — to ensure a unitary Bosnia so that the Dayton Accords stay a “success.”

(Left: Bosnia’s Terrorist President Haris Silajdzic; Right: reformer Dzevad Galijasevic)

And here is a fresh update on Wahhabism in Bosnia — apparently preferable than homosexuality to Bosnia’s “tolerant” tradition of Islam:


BBC Monitoring International Reports - October 6, 2008 Monday

Text of report by Bosnian independent weekly Slobodna Bosna, on 2 October

Last week’s brutal Wahhabi attack on visitors of the Queer Festival in Sarajevo has once again attracted the public’s attention to this radical Islamic movement. Slobodna Bosna reveals major Wahhabi strongholds in Bosnia-Hercegovina, how the movement is funded, in what way they recruit new members, and what actions they have in plan.

The opening of the Queer Festival during Ramadan was a pretext for the Wahhabis’ show of force in Sarajevo last week. Sarajevo police officers even had to defend themselves from “the devout,” whose worldviews arrived in Bosnia-Hercegovina at the start of the war together with Saudi Arabian food aid. Considering that the Wahhabis preach a conservative interpretation of Islam, their excuse next time could be anything that does not conform to their interpretation of Islam. This, however, does not worry the B-H Islamic Community [IZ], that is, Sarajevo Mufti Husein effendi Smajic, who said during the Bairam prayer that “the joy of Ramadan has been marred by the Queer Festival.” He said nothing about the Wahhabi violence. The B-H IZ has for years been claiming that the problem with Wahhabis does not exist, despite the dozens of pieces of evidence that indicate the opposite.


Emerging throughout Bosnia-Hercegovina are entire settlements where only the Wahhabis live. The King Fahd Mosque and Cultural Centre in Sarajevo’s Alipasino Polje suburb, a donation of Saudi Arabia, is the best known Wahhabi center in Sarajevo, but it is not the only one. Today Nezim Halilovic Muderis [Salt Lake Tribune’s and Deseret News’ most favorite imam after a Bosnian Muslim shot nine in Salt Lake City!!], the imam of the King Fahd Mosque, leads prayers for the largest ever number of Wahhabis. Most of them live in Alipasino Polje and Saraj Polje suburbs, without much contact with their neighbours.

New members of the Wahhabi movement in Sarajevo are less and less conspicuous - they do not have a foreign accent, they do not have a special dress code, and do not grow long beards. Hubs in Vienna provide funds via local humanitarian organizations, private companies, and even banks. Sale of books on Sarajevo streets is controlled by Hafiz [person who recites Koran by heart] Adnan Buzar. He lives in Austria and goes occasionally to Sarajevo, allegedly to visit his parents in Bistrik [Sarajevo district]…A second, but no less important, support hub is allegedly in Sandzak. [Sandzak mentioned here, here, and here.] Another major stronghold is in the Ilidza settlement of Sokolovic Kolonija. Members of this Wahhabi community pay their followers 400 convertible marks [KM] a month; their wives are paid KM1,000 a month if they wear niqabs…

Another Wahhabi centre is located on the outskirts of Sarajevo, in the Hadzici settlement of Kopisanj. This settlement is on a slope of Mount Igman, alongside the Hadzici-Igman road, where Serbs were the majority population before the war. As early as 1999 Hadzici was identified as a place of residence of followers of the conservative interpretation of Islam. That year Kalil Jaraj, a “world-class” terrorist,” was arrested in the Hadzici Municipality over the suspicion of being involved in the plotting of terrorist acts. Mirsad Bektasevic, leader of a group subsequently convicted of terrorism, was also arrested in Hadzici in 1999. One of Hadzici residents in Bektasevic’s group was Amir Bajric, former criminal and drug addict convicted of car theft before he started socializing with the Wahhabis.

Closed Circles

They live in Kopisanj without much contact with others. The only public venue where they can be seen is a cake shop in downtown Hadzici…”Shari’ah police” - after conducting regular patrols and controls of young couples meeting at night alongside the Hadzici-Igman road, in the vicinity of their settlement - have also started maintaining order in downtown Hadzici, in daytime…