A few days after last month’s genocide bombing in Tel Aviv that killed nine Israelis and maimed 50, a Queens-based group called the Islamic Thinkers Society (an oxymoron, obviously) held a rally outside the Israeli Consulate–in response to the genocide bombing.

The Muslims were protesting Israelis after killing Israelis. Recall that in the wake of the London bombings, the angriest people were Britain’s Muslims. One headline after another reported the rage of British Muslims and their “understanding” of the bombers. Similarly, when Albanian Muslims organized pogroms against Serbs in Kosovo in 2004, resulting in 19 dead, scores of churches destroyed, and another 4,000 Serbs cleansed from the province, Muslims in Serbia protested the torching of two mosques and warned that an “anti-Islamic campaign” was spreading through the region.

Indeed, every time Muslims bomb something else or massacre another score of people or chop off another head, the more pissed off they get. (Maybe if they stopped killing people, they wouldn’t be so angry?) Seriously, though, these people are friggin’ geniuses. They figured out how to not get in trouble for stuff: when people come at you pissed off, you be MORE pissed off! It’s actually an old children’s ploy, which can be described as preemptive pissed-offness.

No wonder every time there’s another attack, everyone rushes to defend Muslims and admonish us, “They’re not all like that!” (Meanwhile, if a group of Jews pulled something like that, the same people would say, “Do you see? You see what they’re capable of?!”)

Remember how angry the Muslim world was right after 9/11? The Bush administration took a little over a month to figure out what the response would be, but before we even decided on a plan, hate rallies against America sprang up across the globe. We hadn’t even done anything yet except get attacked–we were only thinking about what to do — but they were protesting in anticipation of what we were only thinking about doing. In fact, revenge was already being threatened for the retaliation that we hadn’t even decided on yet. I got worried that the revenge would come before we could even answer the first attack. Which would have given us two things to retaliate for. Can you imagine how mad THAT would have gotten them? Can you picture the protests over our having two things to get back at them for? Boy, would we have been in for it! Maybe we should consider that it was in anticipation of how we might respond to an attack that incited it in the first place!

Muslims even figured out that they should get mad at Israel when a Muslim’s bomb goes off prematurely and kills him. Look at this from ArabicNews.com: “Two Palestinians were killed and another three injured in an explosion north of Gaza….The Israeli occupation army denied any links to the explosion…which is likely to have taken place while preparing a missile for launching it against Israeli targets.”

It’s possible that Muslims are taking their cues from our own media. There’s this from a New York Times article last month, in which Middle East correspondent John Kifner calls Palestinian terrorists “victims” of Israeli attacks: “The latest victims were two gunmen from Al Aksa Martyrs Brigade who were killed on Thursday as they tried to get through a fence.”

Muslims are offended even by Israelis mourning their dead. How many funeral shootings are we up to by now? (i.e. When Israeli settlers try to bury those who are killed either in genocide bombings or drive-by shootings, it’s not unusual for there to be another drive-by shooting targeting the mourners.) This tactic is also familiar to Serbs, who were attacked by Albanian Muslims last year while visiting a cemetery. And in 2000, peacekeepers banned Serbs in one Kosovo village from visiting a cemetery on All Souls Day after an Albanian blew off the right side of his body planting an explosive there.

Holocaust Memorial Day is also a persecution of Muslims. After the bombings in England, one of several committees charged by the Blair government with finding ways to combat Islamic extremism came up with a plan to nix Holocaust Memorial Day because it’s offensive to Muslims.