Has anyone else noticed that the press-hungry Clintons haven’t made any public statements of elation over the Obama victory? (Unless I missed it, so please tell me if I have.) While Hillary was among the first to call Obama and offer her congratulations, neither Clinton made any statements to the press over the sweeping Democratic victory. I’m on her email list (by necessity because of my humor book), and it wasn’t until two days after the election that I got anything in my inbox about the victory, such as “We did it” or “Thank you for supporting the Democratic ticket.” Generally, email reactions from Camp Clinton happen within minutes of a debate, victory, or other election-related event. Even in this Nov. 3rd video Hillary and Bill did to get out the vote, they once again didn’t say the word “Obama” even once.

Their secret desire for a McCain victory so that Hillary could finally become the first female president in 2012 is touched on here and here.