Monday, June 23, 2008

Montenegrin Arrested in Kosovo for Wearing a Montenegrin Hat

Slobodan Vujičić was arrested on Saturday night in the Gebo nightclub, when security asked him to remove a Montenegrin cap he was wearing.

After he refused, he was received threats and the police arrived, taking him downtown, Vujičić told Podgorica’s Republika daily.

He was also wearing a t-shirt reading, “Independent Montenegro, wild beauty”, and had a Montenegrin flag in his bag.

Vujičić sees none of this as “provocation”, because, in his words, he has the right to display the national symbols.

Ethnic Albanian policemen with the Kosovo police asked him “what he wanted”, and “whether he supported Ramush Haradinaj or Hashim Thaci”, also telling him, “recognize [Kosovo], and we’ll recognize you and your constitution”.

After this, Vujičić said, other policemen apologized, and begged him not to file a complaint against them.

Vujičić, who is the leader of the recently founded Association of Kosovo’s Montenegrins says he feels indignation over the events in “the multi-ethnic town of Priština”.

He will now go ahead and file a complaint against the Kosovo police and the night club for “damaging of reputation and causing ethnic and religious intolerance”, Beta news agency says.

At least there were policemen who apologized and begged him to not file the complaint. The gentler side of Kosovo officialdom…until the deal is sealed, of course.