Beautiful. This was last week. Arabic students attack Jewish students, and the coverage still manages to be one-sided (on you-know-whose side, of course):

Arab Students at UC Berkeley Disrupt Israel Event, Attack Jews
(Original link now goes to a follow-up story, but the original text follows below):

Arab students disrupted a pro-Israel event at the campus of the University of California at Berkely Thursday night, unfurling a large Palestinian flag in front of a crowd of hundreds of supporters of Israel who were enjoying a pro-Israel hip-hop concert. The event was sponsored by the Zionist Freedom Alliance student group.

The Palestinian students unfurled the large flag on a balcony above the outdoor site where the concert was taking place, inciting a provocation right in front of the concert-goers, who were enjoying the event as part of the campus’ Israel Liberation Week. Several Jewish concertgoers went into the building to ask the Palestinians to remove the flag – but were viciously attacked, with one male concertgoer knocked down from a blow on the back of his head, witnesses said.

College alumnus Gabe Weiner, who was helping run the concert, was hit by the head of the anti-Israel group, Husam Zakharia, who also attacked one of the performers, Yehuda De Sa. The fight was finally broken up by John Moghtader, a senator in the UC Berkelely student organization. Police were called in and arrested Zakharia along with others from his group, charging them with battery. Witnesses said that the Arab students shouted anti-Semitic curses and epithets throughout the incident, calling the Jews “Nazis” and “dogs,” and threatening to kill them. According to one witness, as many as 20 anti-Israel students participated in the attacks.

In a statement, the Zionist Freedom Alliance said “we call on state officials, the President of the University of California, the Chancellor, the Dean of Students, faculty, and the student body to take a unified stand against the continued harassment of Jewish and pro-Israel students on this campus, particularly by members of Students for Justice in Palestine,” the anti-Israel group whose leaders began the incitement and attacked the concertgoers.

Pro-Israel students at UC Berkeley have long complained of the anti-Israel and anti-Semitic harassment they have been subject to. Tikvah, a Jewish student group at the college, displayed on its web site ( numerous examples of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic graffiti, with anti-Israel elements defacing property with their screed. Jewish students complained that the only media coverage given to the event, in the Berkeley campus newspaper, was one sided. “Funny how the battery citation against Husam of SJP isn’t even mentioned [in the article], and the comment which purports to be from an objective bystander is actually from one of the top people in Students for Justice in Palestine,” commented Ariel, one of the concertgoers.

Meanwhile, the anti-Israel group is planning to file a petition to remove from office Moghtader, who tried to break up the fight.

It’s like I always say: Anti-Muslim bias is when someone keeps Muslims from killing Jews. Just like an anti-Muslim hate crime is when a Muslim gets hurt while trying to kill a Christian.

Here was that follow-up story, with a few gems of its own: ‘Israel Liberation Week’ Ends Violently at Berkeley

…When ZFA activist Gabe Weiner attempted to remove the flags, he was punched in the head, he says, by SJP member Husam Zakharia who was then beaten to the ground by Weiner and Yehuda De Sa.

Local ZFA member Yehuda told Israel National News: “Several other members of SJP, including female students, attempted to attack Weiner and De Sa but when three more ZFA activists entered the scene, the male members of SJP – who regularly use physical intimidation to silence Zionist students – hid behind female members of their group and refused to step forward and fight.”

Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Just like Muslims do everywhere else — hiding behind the skirts of the women. In fact, now we know why they insist their women wear those enormous, shapeless niqab things: easier to hide behind. I’m picturing one of those 1800s ballroom skirts from under which emerge hiding children. Only in Muslim societies those children are men.

The local student press published the SJP version of events on Friday but would not quote any of the ZFA activists interviewed following the incident. UC Berkeley Dean of Students Jonathan Poullard has asked for student leaders from both groups to attend a meeting with one another but ZFA students have told Israel National News that they will make their attendance conditional on the University dropping its double standard when disciplining pro-Israel and anti-Israel student groups.

Israel National News spoke with ZFA director Yehuda HaKohen, who said that although he had initially discouraged his activists from responding to the flags and would have preferred to have avoided the conflict altogether, he believed that ZFA’s victory in the physical altercation will show the anti-Israel activists that some Jews cannot be intimidated.

“In many ways it felt very similar to how things go down in Israel. Arabs attack Jews and then hide behind women. When Jews take defensive action, a biased media paints us as aggressors…Even though I wanted to avoid the altercation, I recognize the value in anti-Israel activists getting put in their place by the very students they so often try to bully into silence.”

HaKohen said that he generally tries to reach out to Muslim and Arab students when running programs on campuses but that the Muslim Student Association and SJP at Berkeley were completely unwilling to dialogue on any level.

“ZFA hosted Israel Liberation Week at Albany a week before and there, we were able to hold meaningful discussions with the MSA [Muslim Students Association]. We obviously didn’t agree on every issue but they recognized the Jewish people’s national rights. They acknowledged that there really is no distinct Palestinian Arab nation and that in order for Jews and Arabs to make peace we need to halt Western interference in the Middle East. They even gave me a head covering as a gift for my wife.”

Yehuda HaKohen (left) with the Muslim Students Assoc. president at SUNY Albany [Note: The sign chosen by ZFA to represent the Zionist struggle is a kafiyah with blue Stars of David, thus HaKohen wears a kafiyah]

“But at Berkeley there was no interest in dialogue at all. Instead, the SJP and their supporters tried to paint Israel as a Western power and accuse us of occupying another people’s homeland. They refused to listen to anything we had to say, which is unfortunate because our message is in no way anti-Arab. We simply demand that our rights to self-determination be respected. This was our first event at Berkeley. We expected the campus to be more hostile than others, but we didn’t expect the level of ignorance or close-mindedness that we encountered.

“Anti-Israel students at Berkeley can spit out the exact number of Arab villages they claim were destroyed during the 1948 Arab-Israeli War but they can’t name the countries that participated in that war. None of them knew that Jewish freedom fighters drove the British from our soil and none had even known that the British had oppressed us and tried to prevent the re-establishment of a Jewish state. None of them had even heard of the British White Paper. They knew nothing outside of their anti-Israel propaganda and they were completely unwilling to listen to a different view or acknowledge that Jews are an indigenous Middle Eastern people. But they’re entire cause is based on lies. Husam Zakharia [the SJP student who had initiated the violence] told me on Tuesday that his family lived in Gaza city until 1994 and then moved to California. What kind of Arabs left Gaza in 1994? Obviously people who were relatively fine living under Israel but had to flee from Gaza once Arafat took power. So now Husam, the phony revolutionary whose family most likely fled from Arafat, attacks Israel from the safety of California and tries to bully Jewish students into silence. ZFA might not have started the violence but we definitely finished it. I hope Husam and his crew think twice next time they want to get physical with any of our students.”