You can see it in the little things. Not only in the fact that the Chicago con artist has given Cabinet positions to the previous absolute rulers, the Clintonites, who can show the Islamo-bolshevik how it’s done. But also in the fact that national holidays are being set up to honor the incoming dictator. (See Cuba, North Korea, China, USSR, etc…)

Alabama follows Kansas’s lead in this trend:

Alabama county sets ‘Barack Obama Day’ as new holiday

MARION, Alabama (AP) — A small central Alabama county where Barack Obama received more than 70% of the vote in last month’s election has created an annual holiday in honor of the president-elect.

The Perry County commission voted 4 to 1 to observe the second Monday in November as “The Barack Obama Day,” The Birmingham News reported. County offices will close and its roughly 40 workers will get a paid holiday.

The sponsoring commissioner said the holiday is meant to give people faith that difficult goals can be achieved by reflecting on Obama’s victory. […]

So now we know what “Alabama” is short for: Allah Obama