Bosnian wants her husband back from Guantanamo soon (Nov. 26):

SARAJEVO (Reuters) - Hajj Boudella’s children will have to wait a while to see their father, even though a U.S. federal judge ordered his release last week from the Guantanamo Bay prison after nearly seven years.

“After the ruling, my children asked if this means their dad would come home that same night,” Boudella’s wife Nadja Dizdarevic told Reuters in an interview this week.

“Their faces fell when they realized it may be a long time before they see him again,” said the mother of four who has to move from apartment to apartment each time her landlord finds out about her husband’s case.

It may be seven years since the kids have seen their father, but have they ever seen their mother:

If I were a landlord, I wouldn’t need to hear about her husband’s case to keep something like this out of my building. But apparently, the “non-Muslimy” Muslims of Bosnia aren’t worried when they see this full Islamic regalia and it’s well-known connection to mischief; they only get worried if someone was caught for the mischief as her husband was. Back to the article:

It may take up to two years before Boudella, one of five Algerians ordered released last week from Guantanamo, returns home to Bosnia, where he first went during the 1992-95 war to help organize humanitarian assistance.

An Algerian is being released to his home. In Bosnia. A Bosnian wife waits for her Algerian husband to come “home”. Courtesy of the Clinton administration (being re-released soon to a White House near you). Algerians’ homes never used to be in Bosnia. Nor have women in Bosnia dressed in the full Muslim gear since the Ottoman times.

Thousands of volunteers [terrorists] from Arab and African countries came to Bosnia during the war to fight along with Bosnian Muslims against Serbs and Croats. Some worked for Islamic aid groups [jihad front organizations, then set up bases in Bosnia].

Boudella stayed on past the war after marrying Dizdarevic, who was widowed with one child when her first husband died in the war. They have three children of their own.

“He has never seen our youngest daughter who was only eight days old when they kidnapped him,” Dizdarevic said, referring to extradition by Bosnian authorities of the six Algerians to the U.S. military authorities in January 2002.

Bosnia picked up the men in October 2001, shortly after the Sept 11 attacks on the United States by al Qaeda militants. U.S. President George W. Bush said later the six men had been planning a bomb attack on the U.S. embassy in Sarajevo.

Justice Department attorneys said last month they would no longer rely on those accusations but that the men should continue to be held because they planned to go to Afghanistan in late 2001 to fight U.S. forces there.

The U.S. court ruled last week that there was enough evidence to keep one of the six men in detention but that the evidence against the other five was too weak.

The men were taken to the U.S. military base at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba the day after a ruling by a top court in Bosnia that they should be released due to a lack of evidence.

Their final release from Guantanamo is pending a decision by the U.S. government on whether to appeal the ruling, and on a request by the Bosnian authorities for their immediate release, human rights activists said. […]

So let’s review. Bosnian women before Western intervention:

Bosnian women after Western intervention:

Ah yes, another one of those blue-eyed Bosnians who are so impervious to the Islamist influence.

(In the above-referenced article, please note the conspicuous new addition of the words “and Croats” to the sentence, “Thousands of volunteers from Arab and African countries came to Bosnia during the war to fight along with Bosnian Muslims against Serbs and Croats.” This is significant. According to the Western-co-written dogma, the bad guys — whose supposed actions justified flying in mujahideen — were Serbs. And the reason for the war was the Serbs’ supposed intention to create a “Greater Serbia.” It was not part of our plan to have Muslims and Croats fighting. So what could the holy warriors have been flown in to fight Croats for unless the one abiding and overriding plan was to rid Bosnia of both Orthodox Serbs and Catholic Croats — that is, to erase Christianity, whose traces are all but gone from Sarajevo today. That is, the plan that we helped advance was not of our design. Which is to say, again, that we were, and are, chumps in the Balkans.)

****UPDATE****Algerians Released “Home” to Bosnia:

MIAMI, Dec 16 (Reuters) - The United States sent three Algerian-born prisoners to their adopted homeland of Bosnia on Tuesday in the first release under court order from the U.S. detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

The three — Mustafa Ait Idir, Mohamed Nechla and Hadj Boudella — landed in Sarajevo…In Sarajevo, dozens of friends and relatives waited at the airport for their arrival. But all they could see was the armored vehicle that took them away. Bosnia’s State Investigation and Protection Agency said it would question them, check their identity and release them.

Boudella’s three children were visibly upset as the vehicle drove off with their father. His wife, Nadja Dizdarevic, assured them he would be home soon.

“I still cannot believe this is happening,” said his son, Abdul Aziz.

“I will tell dad that I have missed him,” said his daughter, Nur Boudella, who was only weeks old when he was taken away.

The three men had Bosnian citizenship, [their lawyer Stephen] Oleskey said. It was unclear when the other two under the court order, Lakhdar Boumediene and Saber Lahmar, might be released.

Boumediene was stripped of his Bosnian citizenship in 2006 and Lahmar never held Bosnian citizenship, although he is married to a Bosnian woman and has two Bosnian children, Oleskey said. […]


…The three men, Mustafa Ait Idir, Mohamed Nechla and Hadj Boudella, were flown to the Bosnian capital, Sarajevo.

“Try to imagine my joy,” Idir told the media after landing in Sarajevo. “I spent seven years at the end of the world, in the worst place in the world, it’s indescribable,” he said.

Unless he’s complaining about his co-inmates, it’s precisely *not* “the worst place in the world,” as this Russian jihadist’s mother insisted when she begged U.S. authorities to keep her son there, saying, “At Guantanamo they treat him humanely, the conditions are fine.” She wrote this after getting a letter from her son Andrei Bakhitov, reading, “I think that there is not even a health resort in Russia on the level of this place.”

Indeed, while soldiers stationed at the Guantanamo facility are spat on and have feces, blood, semen and urine hurled at them, and get their ears bitten when possible without being allowed to do much about it, the inmates get chocolate cake and ice cream. They don’t even HAVE cake in the Middle East! I couldn’t even find decent chocolate layer cake in Israel.

…Some reader comments sent to the websites of Sarajevo newspapers hailed the return of the Algerians as “our heroes”, saying that “Allah’s will had won”. But others questioned what the Algerians were doing in Bosnia in the first place. [Insolence!]

Idir, Nechla, Boudella, and Boumediene were granted Bosnian citizenship after fighting on the side of local Muslims in the 1992-19985 civil war but remained in Bosnia afterwards, and married local women.

US president-elect Barrack Obama has said that after he takes office in January he will close down the controversial prison camp.

As Muslims everywhere said after election day, Obama’s victory is a victory for Allah too:

Indonesian jihadists ♥ Obama, praise Allah for his victory
(Though Zawihiri cautioned Muslims to not get too excited over the win, since it doesn’t necessarily mean the destruction of America.)

Recall that it was the “Bosnians case” which in June restored habeas corpus rights to enemy combatants. And keep in mind that seven percent of prisoners released from Gitmo return to terrorism. (The Pentagon report’s margin of error probably being around 93%.) Just in October, one ex-detainee blew himself up in Iraq. And we’re worried about putting underwear on their heads. Clearly our methods aren’t extreme enough for their tastes, so no wonder Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo were torture for these sado-masochists.

RELATED: Pentagon Files Charges Against Bosnian-Egyptian (I’m loving these hyphenated Bosnian nationalities — what a melting pot that place has become! What a multicultural cornucopia of Muslims over there! How American indeed!)

The Pentagon announced fresh war crimes charges Tuesday, this time against an Egyptian-born Bosnian accused of serving as an al Qaeda bomb-making instructor in Afghanistan on the eve of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

Tarek el Sawah, 51, faces a maximum life in prison if he is convicted as an alleged al Qaeda conspirator and supporter.

He allegedly trained al Qaeda recruits before 9/11 on how to use firearms and assemble explosives devices, at one point from a training camp and another at an Osama bin Laden compound called Tarnak Farms in Afghanistan. Then in the months straddling 9/11, prosecutors allege, he ‘’developed and successfully tested a remote controlled limpet mine for use against U.S. warships,'’ his charge sheets allege.

He also allegedly wrote a 400-page bomb-making manual.

Four years ago, the native of Alexandria, Egypt, told military officers here that he immigrated to Bosnia to defend Muslims in the 90s, and had served as a printer in the Bosnian Army.

By the time the U.S. military invaded Afghanistan after 9/11, he said, he was there, working with the Taliban — and was wounded and then captured after U.S. airstrikes on Tora Bora.

His charge sheet alleges he fought the U.S. invasion, in Bagram, Kabul and then Tora Bora.

A portion of Guantánamo detainee medical charts released by the Pentagon indicate Sawah arrived at this Navy base in May 2002 measuring five-feet-eight-inches and weighing 215 pounds and that his weight has careened wildly.

In August 2006, according to the Defense Department, his weight dipped as low as 124 pounds, and then hit a recorded high of 408 pounds three months later.

I’m telling you it’s the cake!