Got this from Atlas Shrugs:

Muslim waitress sues over ’sexy’ dress code

LONDON (AFP) — A Bosnian Muslim waitress has demanded compensation from the London bar where she worked over a red dress she was asked to wear, British media reported Thursday.

Fata Lemes, 33, told an employment tribunal that she felt forced to wear the sleeveless dress with a low neckline and an open back, thought the Rocket bar was run like a “sex club” and filed for 20,000 pounds in compensation.

Lemes described the dress as “physically revealing and openly sexual,” according to the Daily Telegraph.

“It was indecent. If you put this dress on you might as well be naked. I did not want men looking at my body,” the newspaper quoted her as saying.

“I was brought up a Muslim, and am not used to wearing sexually attractive clothes.”

According to reports, Lemes said she originally began working at the bar in May wearing loose-fitting black clothes to work, but after about a week, she was told to wear the red dress.

After trying it on, she refused to wear it, and said she was immediately fired.

Spring and Greene, the restaurant group that owns the Rocket bar, rejected the claims, however, and said the dress had been chosen by two other waitresses to give a “summery” look.

The company also reportedly produced a photograph of the dress, worn by another waitress, with the Rocket’s manager arguing that the colour of the dress was chosen to match that of the bar.

The employment tribunal is expected to deliver its judgment on the case next year.

So she was raised Muslim in Bosnia after all. This goes part and parcel with the way that we convinced ourselves these weren’t like “those Muslims” and therefore could be sided with against Christians (hey, they drink alcohol and eat pork! we were told). Except when it came time to count the supposed 60,000 Bosnian-Muslim women raped by Serbs, we ended up with a couple hundred documented cases — fewer than the 800 documented Serb women raped by Muslim and Croatian soldiers. How come? Well you see, said our entirely aligned government-media complex at the time, as Muslims it’s shameful to be raped, and so that’s why few women came forward. Of course, lying to the infidel about the whole thing to begin with is a sacred rite whether a Muslim is wearing a shmata or jeans, or a shmata and jeans.

Let’s review: when it’s convenient, Balki isn’t Muslimy. And when it’s convenient, Balki is a proud Muslim indeed. For world image purposes, or when Balki wants Western assistance against his Christian enemies, Balki is a “Western, secular, non-religious, tolerant” kind of not-really-Muslim Muslim. But when Balki has a beef with the West, or inevitably wants to turn on it altogether, lo and behold! Balki is Muslim after all.

Please note that even Muslims partaking of alcohol and pork are Muslim enough to stage an atrocity. See Bosnia and Kosovo.