While Britons are importing Pakistani butchers, the Pakistanis’ original victims, the Indians, are trying to warn the West. From Atlas Shrugs:

To the extent that one can like people as a group, I’ve always liked Indians, but now I love them.

Under the Clinton administration, coming back to a White House near your, we favored Muslim Pakistan while giving India the shaft again and again. Sort of how we’ve been giving Serbia the shaft in favoring a Muslim Greater Albania and Muslim Greater Bosnia. All the while, the Albanians’ and Bosnians’ original victims, the Serbs, have been trying to warn us — just like Pakistanis’ original victims, the Indians, are doing.

The good thing about importing enough types of immigrants is that they practice less self-censorship, given the PC protections they enjoy, and there’s always a rival immigrant group that they openly hate and are able to say about that group what the rest of us aren’t allowed to. So we still have free speech in at least some quarters. (O what one Indian cab driver told me he said to a Muslim cab driver when he caught him washing his feet before prayers in the men’s bathroom sink at the airport!)