From Serbianna (Dec. 8, emphasis added):

Bosnian Wahabis could hit US, NATO

Wahabis and Bosnian Muslim sympathizers of al-Qaeda are ready to attack US and NATO troops stationed in Bosnia, reports Bosnian Serb paper Press citing a Western intelligence report they quote.

The report says that there are 40,000 Wahabis in Bosnia, many al-Qaeda sympathizers and a significant number of Iranian agents that are part of Teheran’s intelligence service VEVAK.

“VEVAK has completely infiltrated Bosnian intelligence service, and for their moles they recruit Bosnians that do not hide their sympathies for the Iranian nuclear program and show open hatred for America and its administrations,” the report is quoted.

The report also says that [t]here are numerous jihadist groups stationed in Bosnia that use various methods of operation but with the same aim against the allied force.

“Because of the white features, Bosnian and Kosovo Muslims are the most dangerous threat in the warfare. The case of Sulejman Talovic, the young Bosnian Muslim radical, who massacred in Salt Lake City in US is well known example. At this moment, EU and US are full with these ’sleepers’ who are awaiting a signal to sacrifice their lives for Jihad,” the report is quoted.

The report also notes that in all attacks across Europe there always has been at least one terrorist who is from Bosnia.