Mottaki likens carnage in Gaza to Bosnian genocide (Dec. 31):

Tehran Times Political Desk

TEHRAN – The Zionist regime’s recent criminal acts against the people of Gaza are undoubtedly acts of genocide similar to the one committed by the Serb forces in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iran’s Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki stated on Tuesday.

Addressing foreign diplomats in Tehran, he deplored the international community’s inaction to halt war crimes in Gaza.

“There is no doubt that the Zionist regime’s recent acts are in breach of the Geneva Convention and all other international rules and regulations,” he pointed out.

“The Zionist regime’s crimes in the past sixty years are obvious examples of crime against humanity which must be categorized as genocide similar to the many horrendous events in the recent years like the Serb forces’ acts in Bosnia and Herzegovina,” Mottaki insisted.

He called the situation in Gaza a “test of impartiality” for the international community.

Stopping Israel from perpetrating such crimes requires “immediate and united action” and Iran is ready to team up with other “free nations” to demonstrate their ability to put an end to the criminal acts and to provide humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people, he added.

He called on all the states and international organizations to condemn the Zionist regime’s crimes and urged the United Nations Security Council to hold an emergency session to pass a resolution to halt Israeli blitz against Palestinians.

Mottaki said Tehran believes that the UN General Assembly should also hold an emergency meeting to discuss Gaza. […]

And here the Bosnians tacitly admit their own hoax, including with signs reading “Srebrenica 1995 — Gaza 2009″:

Bosnia genocide victims protest Gaza offensive

Survivors of the 1995 Srebrenica massacre of 8,000 Bosnian Muslims protested in front of the U.S. Embassy in Sarajevo on Thursday to call on Washington to stop Israel’s offensive in the Gaza Strip.

Munira Subasic, who lost her son and husband when Bosnian Serbs took over the eastern town of Srebrenica, said she felt solidarity with the Palestinian people.

“In 2009, Palestinian mothers are going through ordeals we experienced in 1995 and we are raising our voice because we know about pain and suffering. We know how it feels to lose a child or husband,” said Subasic.

Protesters said they felt they had to react to killings of more than 660 Palestinians and the suffering of refugees in the 13-day-old offensive launched by Israel.

Hundreds joined the Sarajevo protest, some with placards reading “Stop the killing of innocent children” and “Srebrenica 1995 — Gaza 2009.”

“I believe the United States, as the leading world power, could stop the bloodshed of civilians and, even worse, of children in Gaza,” said Murat Tahirovic, the head of an association of Bosnian wartime camp inmates.

“During the war, the blood, the suffering and the pain were our everyday scenes and I cannot help but sympathise with the Palestinian people,” said another protester. “It all reminds us of what we went through during the war and it must stop.” […]

Must be tough. Concocting atrocities is a hard business. But just like the Palestinians, the Bosnians are old hands at it, which is what he must be talking about.

As Dragan, an observer in France, wrote in an email he distributed on the subject:

Certain media should rather restrain [from] making approximations and comparisons just in order to make some sort of scoops. “Bosnian victims of genocide” on one side and “Gazans” on the other. What is the similarity? If the Bosnian Muslims were “victims of genocide”, then most logically the “Gazans” or members of Hamas are also the victims of genocide. But, most evidently the Western governments, USA in particular, claim that Israel is fighting terrorists in Gaza, and is right to do so.

[I]n Srebrenica region there were mostly jihadists and foreign mercenaries, and it is known that they shot Bosnian soldiers and those who tried to flee [surrounding] Serbian forces. If the elimination of Muslims “was a Serbian program”, in Bosnia or in Kosovo, which is completely false, how come those nations tripled ever since, and the Serbian population diminished? [Just as, Michael Medved points out, the Palestinian population has increased.]

[The] West should make up its mind. Either Palestinians, Hamas included, are terrorists and Israel has [the] right, and therefore…the others [do as well], to fight terrorists, or they are victims of genocide. But not [because of] certain interests and affinities [are] ones “liberation armies” and the others “terrorists” [while] they both fight legal authorities and forces.

And a letter from Nick Petrovich, a Serbian-American now living Mexico City:

Ironically, [the] American Jewish Congress (Henry Siegman) on April 26, 1993 sent an open letter to Bill Clinton asking him to intervene on the side of the “peaceful, secular Bosnian Muslims” against the vicious Christian Serbs. Obviously, this was the result of the campaign mounted by the public relations firm Ruder Finn to get the American Jews to associate the civil war in Bosnia with the Holocaust…When all was done, Harff, the head of Ruder Finn said, “We outwitted three big Jewish organizations - the B’nai Birth Anti-Defamation League, The American Jewish Committee, and the American Jewish Congress..”

Getting these organizations to publish a pro-Bosnian Muslim ad in the New York Times was a tremendous coup, Harff said[, particularly because wartime Bosnian President Alija Izetbegovic was a fundamentalist Muslim].

In other words, American Jewish organizations have been used. However, the Israeli public was much harder to decieve, because they are much more aware of history and they knew well that the Serbs had been their only ally during the Holocaust which was carried out in Yugoslavia by both Croatian fascist[s] and Bosnian Muslims.

Serbs worldwide were appauled at what American Jewish organizations ha[d] done, while Jews of Yugoslav origin in Israel were mortified and said, “We must see our shame.” By turning their back on the Serbian people, Jews had nothing to gain, as the following pictures from Sarajevo tell who is who!! [Note the nice Arabic these Bosnians have.]

Boy, it sure is a good thing American Jewry supported the Bosnians’ war:

From Serbianna:

A graffiti “Kill a Jew” has appeared on the fence of the Croatian National Theater in the center of the Bosnian city of Mostar.

The graffiti “Kill a Jew” also appeared on [trash] containers across the city of Mostar.

A symbol for the Croatian Nazi Ustasha, the U, along with the Star of David was also drawn next to the slogan at the Theater fence.

The Croatian media is attributing the appearance of the graffiti to extremist Bosnian Muslims who are upset over Israel’s intervention against Hamas terrorists in Gaza.

“Almost every time when something is happening in the Gaza strip, we in Mostar are having such problems,” said a representative of the Jewish community in Mostar.

He also said that, across Mostar, posters have appeared with a map of Israel and a word Palestine written over the territory.

“These kinds of incidents, by rule, happen on the left coast of Mostar,” said the representative of the Jewish community of Mostar, who wanted to remain unidentified.

The left side, or the western side, is where Bosnian Croatians live. Croats were allies of Hitler in the second world war and ran several concentration camps in the Balkans where they were murdering Serbs, Jews and Gypsies.

Authorities in Mostar rarely took initiative to remove the anti Jewish public outbursts and Jews had to appeal to the authorities often or take their own initiative to remove the message of hate.

These graffiti in Mostar are but the latest in many anti Jewish demonstrations held across the region.

Last weekend, Bosnian Muslims held an anti Jewish rally in Croatia’s capital Zagreb where some 300 protesters accused Jews of committing a genocide against Muslims.

“This bloodshed in Gaza is a paradox; those who were the victims of nazism in the second world war now are committing the same to the people of Gaza,” said at the Zagreb rally Semso Tankovic, a Bosnian Muslim member of the Croatian Parliament.

(Good thing these are the “non-Muslimy” Muslims that were worthy of Western intervention against Christians.)

On prior occasions, Semso Tankovic also said that the terrorist attacks on 9/11 in New York were planned out by the Jews.

The protests in Zagreb where Tankovic spoke was reported on the front page of the official web site of the Bosnian Islamic Community where it also made an appeal to Bosnian Muslims to visit a website on, Support Palestine, where they should donate money to the Hamas-ruled Gaza.