The Sun is Rising in the West: New Muslims tell their story about their journey to Islam is a book that was published in 1999 but only came to my attention recently via a site that’s promoting it heavily, In the book, a young man describes how he left the KKK and turned to Islam. Clinton Sipes (now Abdus Salam) writes:

“… Searching for a point of focus to release this rage, I became associated with a paramilitary racist group of young adults. I participated in regular assaults on people and engaged in various criminal activities. At 16, I found myself incarcerated, serving a six and one half-year sentence…. Immediately I fell in step with the gangs of ‘white supremacy’ and cultivated my rage and anger into pure ‘Hate’ of all people who were not ‘Anglo Saxon’.

“I began correspondence with the KKK and, upon my release on parole, I was a full fledged card-carrying hate monger. For the next three to four years, my activities were heavily involved with Klan cross-burnings, media appearances…property desecration, etc. …I had anger and hate literature…

“[The search for truth] began upon my arrival at Federal prison. An African American offered to assist me in my cosmetic needs. He said he was a Muslim and Muslims are commanded to help those in need. It struck my interest to check this Islamic thing out…. I found out about the universality of it, how it transcends color, ethnicity and race. … This brother invited me to Jumuah service. I was given a Qur’an, and as I read the translation, I felt the purity of it, the truth of it.”

So, uh…where’s the conversion?

Let’s see: He cultivated his rage into a hatred of all people who weren’t Anglo-Saxon. So now he can channel it into a hatred of all people who aren’t Muslim.

“Cross-burnings, media appearances, property desecration, anger and hate literature…” Sounds an awful lot like the Middle Eastern faces we see on the news every night. His background in burning crosses will serve him well for church destruction activities. And we don’t even need to get into the “angry youths with hate literature” part. And in the end, we’re back to some sort of “purity.”

At least he’s no dummy: there’s power in numbers, and unlike the KKK, Islam makes room for all the races to help it accomplish the goals of genocide of Jews, Christians and the freedom they unleashed upon the world.