I had a dream last week that it was the Muslim holiday Eid ul-adha and at the supermarket I saw people — Muslims and non-Muslims alike — lined up in the foyer between the two sets of sliding doors, with goats, calves and sheep, awaiting their turn to slaughter an animal for the holiday. In other words, supermarkets had created facilities for those wishing to kill their own animals. The thin black carpet was drenched in blood. No sooner did I have the dream than I read that something of this order actually happened in South Africa, where ritual slaughter of animals now goes on in suburban neighborhoods, with residents left to do something about the blood and entrails littering their streets.

One hopes that the animal-slaughtering that ensued in celebration of Obama’s victory is not a foreshadowing.

Meanwhile, last night I had a dream that a public call to prayer over the loudspeaker five times a day had already become a common feature in American suburbs, towns and cities. While it was not yet compulsory for non-Muslims, you weren’t allowed to talk during Muslim prayer time, so as to not disturb the worshipers. In the dream I kept trying to speak at a normal volume on a balcony somewhere that overlooked one of these mosque courtyards, and all the other dhimmis — friends, family members etc — kept shushing me.

But I think we’re at least 10 months away from that.