It recently came out that the sign held by this guy wasn’t a spelling error, but an effort to call for genocide without being accused of hate speech.

As JihadWatch explained:

“Death to all juice”: Calling for genocide with plausible deniability?

When I posted this picture Monday of a Muslim in New York holding a sign saying, “Death to All Juice,” a lot of people took it as the comical error of an illiterate. Jihad Watch commenter Urban Infidel knew better, and wrote this:

The sign is funny, but he’s not kidding. It’s not the work of an illiterate. In fact the sign was probably made by jouseff al-khattab, a member of the Islamic Thinkers Society, or one of his cohorts. [Let’s not dwell on the oxymoronic title “Islamic Thinkers”.]

It is his way of calling for genocide without getting busted for hate speech.

When has a Muslim ever worried about getting busted for hate speech? One guy amid a crowd of thousands who are calling for Jewish annihilation thinks he needs to exercise discretion? Besides, Muslims know the world considers their hate rational.

But if this is the new game, then to hell with it:

Death to all Scarabs!

Back to the JihadWatch item:

Pamela has some of the photos from Revolution Muslim, and here is another. Note the caricature of the Jew straight out of Nazi literature, and the reference to the Qur’an’s designation of the accursed Jews as apes (2:62-65; 5:59-60; 7:166):

The funny part about this photo is that, as usual, the caricature is a spitting image of the guy holding it.