At some recent charity event, actress and “singer” Cher told reporters that Barack Obama’s great intelligence and spirit would allow him to do more than anyone else could do, and that she couldn’t understand why anyone would want to be a Republican.

And that’s where she demonstrates her liberal confusion. Almost nobody “wants” to be Republican. I’m not a Republican because I want to be a Republican. I’m Republican because I have to be. But liberals only understand wants. Therein lies the conflict. Republicans are party-poopers because someone has to be; we are the party of No (at least we’re supposed to be), when the world wants to dive into things without thinking.

Certainly if I were smarter, I’d be a Democrat. It would save me a lot of thinking.

Cher said that unless someone is a rich Born-Again Christian, she didn’t get why someone would be Republican. And here she demonstrates additional ignorance, given that Born-Agains and money don’t often come hand in hand. Just the opposite, in fact, though their Bible Belt gives the most to charities.

Cher also said that Republican rule almost killed her.

Oh well. Maybe next time.