The AP reports:

First lady Michelle Obama tells People magazine that the target date for the arrival of the family pet is after her daughters’ spring break trip in April, though 7-year-old Sasha is convinced the dog is coming April 1.

“So Sasha says ‘April 1st.’ I said, ‘April.’ She says, ‘April 1st.’ It’s like, April!” said Mrs. Obama, who said she favors Portuguese Water Dogs.




Keep Dog Away from Secretary of State!

Two Clinton dogs are dead, and Hillary doesn’t like dogs in the house, particularly the White House, which she still feels has always been hers.

Meanwhile, has anyone seen the third Clinton dog, Buddy’s nephew Seamus, in the past six years? Anyone? Anyone?

And why does no First Family ever think of showing that it’s serious about protecting U.S. borders — by getting a Border Collie?

More Dog News:

In a related story, the A & E hit show “Dog the Bounty Hunter” came back on TV, at least in re-run form, relatively quickly following the November election — after a hiatus that started with Dog’s N-word tirade in 2007. Overheard from inside A & E’s executive offices:

“Did Obama win?”


“OK, put Dog back on.”