Marking the first anniversary of their declared independence last month, Albanians in Kosovo celebrated:

Kosovo Serbs beaten, another shot

Three ethnic Serbs in the village of Lipljan were attacked with picks then beaten in their head and body.

Two ethnic Albanians have attacked ethnic Serbs Jovica Miric and brothers Slavisa and Igor Trajkovic with picks in front of their house in Lipljan.

With the picks, the attackers managed to cut up their faces, fracture their skulls and inflict wounds all over their body.

The reason for the attacks has not been established. [Reason: the attackers are Albanian.]

The police has arrested one Albanian but after a short questioning period he was let free. Three Serbs were also arrested by the police.

Note: Kosovo Serbs are often arrested when they’re attacked. Here is just one example I mentioned previously, from the book Hiding Genocide in Kosovo:

Every Serb detained by KFOR in those days would end up in jail, often with no charges. A Serb man, who tried to defend his home against three armed Albanians, shot one of the attackers and was himself wounded on his doorstep. All four were put in custody, the Albanians being released the next day. The house was burned the same evening and the unlucky owner spent the next several years in Mitrovica prison without a court trial. In 2005 he was released without charges and left Kosovo. His house is now illegally occupied by the same Albanians who attacked him.

Back to the independence-day news item:

Kosovo police is dominated by ethnic Albanian separatist government that persist to believe that they are an independent country.

The wounded Serbs were treated in the Simonida hospital in Gracanica.

Separately, in another Kosovo town, an ethnic Serb was shot but he is not in a life threatening danger.

A 24-year old ethnic Serb Vasko Arsic from the village of Donja Budriga near Gnjilane was shot last night around 7 pm. [I thought we were told everything is hunky dorey in Gnjilane]

After an intervention by the doctors, a bullet was pulled out of his right foot. The leg was also wounded from the shots.

Reason for being shot has not been determined. [Reason: Serbian blood attracts violence.]

Serbs in and around Gnjilane are expressing grave concerns for their lives. The spokesman for the police in the area, Ismet Hasani, said that the police is investigating.

Gnjilane is a focal point of a war crimes prosecution who is investigating the so called Gnjilane group of ethnic Albanian separatists who kidnapped local Serbs then held them in the local high school where they tortured them, mutilated their bodies and pulled out their organs to be sold.

A US diplomat recently stated that Kosovo Albanian separatists have accomplished “tremendous work and achievements”.

Attacks on Serbs occur daily in Kosovo.

Another report on the same incident and others: Stray bullets and beatings

A 24-year-old Serb, Vasko Arsic, was shot in the foot in the village of Donja Budriga in Gnjilane last night, but is in stable condition.

Kosovo police spokesman Ismet Hashani said that an investigation was ongoing, but that the injury had been caused by a stray bullet by the looks of things.

Meanwhile, another incident is reported to have occurred in the village of Brod, near Strpce, where an Albanian flag was hoisted above a Serb Orthodox church. Police have since removed the flag.

The day prior to Kosovo independence celebrations, police arrested an Albanian from Kacanik, who entered a cafe carrying an explosive device.

Elsewhere, in Lipanj, three Serbs, Jovana Miric and Ivan and Igor Trajkovic, were assaulted by a gang of Albanians just before midnight. According to local Serbs, they were ambushed outside Miric’s house by a group of bat-wielding Albanians.

The three Serbs were taken to hospital in Gracanica and the incident has been reported to the police.


“There has been no ethnically motivated violence for the past two years.”
– Kosovo “Prime Minister” Hashim Thaci, Jan. 19, 2008

And of course, the Albanian version of a sexy girl jumping out of a cake for the demon-child province’s birthday was the above-cited advent of an explosive vest, reported here. Below is just one additional report on it from last month, sent by a source:

VIP News

RTS: Attack on Serbs in Strpce Avoided

A young Kosovo Albanian was arrested by the Kosovo Police Service on Monday evening in Strpce, after entering in a Serbian café with an explosive belt, RTS reported late on Monday.

Arben Husa (24) from Kacanik was held by the KPS after guests in the café noticed that he was carrying an explosive device under his jacket. One of the guests found him suspicious and called the Police. Once they arrived, the Police Officer noticed an suspicious device under his jacket, grabbed him by the hands, dra[g]ged him out of the cafe, took him to the Police station, tied him to the fence and waited for KFOR EOD team to arrive and de-mine him.

According to the Štrpce/Shtërpcë KPS Station Commander (statement given 45 minutes ago to TV Herc — not broadcasted yet), the suspect was found in possession of a Yugoslav-made bouncing anti-personnel mine with a trip-wire trigger system. A wire was attached to the trigger, meaning that all he had to do to activate the device was to pull the wire (cord). The suspect told the Police during questioning…that he came from Kaçanik/Kačanik to the “Partizanski put” (junction near the main PR-SK highway, close to Silcapor factory) by hitchhike, after which he took a taxi to Štrpce/Shtërpcë for which he paid 10 Euro. When he was arrested, the Police found only 1.5 Euro’s in his possession, just enough to pay for the drinks (espresso and juice) he ordered at the cafe. He had no answer when asked how did he plan to go back to Kaçanik/Kačanik. When asked what was the purpose of his trip to Štrpce/Shtërpcë, the suspect gave an unclear answer that he wanted to see the place.

Most of the people I’ve spoken to believe that this was a attempt to commit a terrorist act. The people find it too much of a coincidence that the suspect would walk in to the cafe where most of the secondary school children gather after school to wait for the school bus, almost at the exact time when classes finish and the children arrive to the cafe. According to eyewitnesses I’ve spoken to last night, the suspect was obviously nervous and confused (which drew the attention of one of the gu[e]sts), he was often looking at his watch and observing the situation in the cafe. The only reason the cafe was almost empty was because the schools were closed due to the Serbian Statehood Day.

The suspect is currently in detention and being processed.